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"This project is a homage to the tv series we couldn’t stay away from in recent times: Breaking Bad, Dexter, Lost, Mad Men and Homeland. 

The collection consists of five thematic posters based on typographical cuts of paper and cardboard. We tried to represent the spirit of each series by pointing out the most important statements and situate them in their typical ambience using characteristic elements and moods.”

Bandiz design studio is based in Madrid, Spain. This studio is focused on graphic design, photography, print design and art direction.

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season four countdown
15. “The Smile”
"Don’t make me talk to him, Saul. I don’t ever wanna see him again. I’ve put all of that away.”

anonymous said:

Feeling like the odd one out in this fandom actually being excited about Damian possibly having filmed a cameo. Claire's said Carrie's main arc is her having to come to terms with what happened to Brody. Why is it so outrageous for him to appear in a dream/ flashback capacity? I doubt he'll be back from the dead. My guess is it will be one brief appearance. Is that really so terrible? Especially since a few fans out there may actually have, IDK, liked the character and him/Carrie together?

Carrie can come to terms with Brody’s loss WITHOUT Damian being there.

The entire concept—the loss of Brody—implies he is no longer on the show.

A dream sequence on this show—and we can assume it would be Carrie’s—is honestly the most idiotic, bullshit thing I could ever think of and completely out of tune with what this show is, its tone, etc.

A flashback doesn’t make a lot of sense either as we saw everything that ever happened between them. What would it flashback to?

Mostly I’m just annoyed and frustrated that the writers even want to go there at all. Put it to rest! Brody lasted one (some would say two) season longer than he should have. Their continued fascination with him, his family, and his relationship with Carrie at times threatened to completely derail this show—some would say it did completely.

The more the writers refuse to let go of Brody and of Damian, the harder it will be for audiences to do the same. The same audience they are trying to sell on a “reboot,” on a new direction for the show, and on a story that is 100%, totally, completely Carrie’s story. I get that Brody is a major component of her life, and of her story, and always will be, but this is blatant and obnoxious fan pandering.

anonymous said:

The outfit leads me to think it's a flashback... He's worn something that's basically identical in previous episodes (S1), I think? If that's not it, then my second guess is that Brody will appear to his ginger progeny to give guidance from beyond the grave. Like Mufasa in the Lion King.