homeland spoilers


How often do we see a hijab-wearing, career-driven, intelligent, independent Muslim woman on television with a voice of her own? It’s a groundbreaking role that I’m honored to play. Homeland is great at challenging our preconceived ideas. Many viewers will make up their minds about Fara the moment they set sight on her and hear her speak. She wears a headscarf and has a slight Iranian accent. She looks and feels completely out of place the moment she arrives at the CIA. She definitely senses that people define her by her appearance. The question is, has she become what society has imbued her with or does she prove them wrong? —Nazanin Boniadi


And when it came time for Carrie to shut it down, we finally learned why she has been so attentive to her blond highlights this season: only by unveiling her ravishing golden locks was she able to ensure that Quinn would recognize that it was truly she, Carrie Mathison, Agency renegade turned responsible manager, begging him to stop so that she would not have to see him vaporized by the combined forces of the I.S.I., the Pakistani military, and the Rawalpindi P.D.X


Claire Danes’ finest acting moment comes at the time of the prisoner exchange, as she makes Carrie change physically from a crouching mother soothing and cajoling her cross-legged little boy into a crying little girl, into the adult child of a weakened, vulnerable and defeated elderly parent, who has resigned himself to being gently led off center stage. [x]