Behind the scenes of “The Star”

Homeland twitter just posted this DEVASTATING 3-minute clip that I’m guessing pulls some from the special feature on the upcoming S3 DVDs.

Curiously it contains some alternate cuts/edits of existing scenes in “The Star” (different readings, etc.), which always fascinates me. Particularly interested in the Carrie/Quinn scene.

Also Claire and Damian hug and there’s sad piano music and I’m guessing afterward you’ll need to watch this gif on a loop for an hour.

Watch on blog.collegehumor.com

Weird Al Made Up His Own Lyrics for The Emmy-Nominated Shows

Weird Al continued his domination of the summer of 2014 by singing the lyrics to several of this year’s Emmy-nominated shows. Specifically the one’s that don’t have any lyrics to begin with like Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Homeland, and Scandal.

 I’m now going to have Al’s lyrics “here come dragons galore and some boobs..” stuck in my head every time I watch Game of Thrones from here on out.  

Watch on heckyeahbradleyjames.tumblr.com

First look of Bradley as Edgar in Homeland [he appears at 00:31 seconds]

Important Fall Television Premiere Dates! Bold Your Faves & Reblog!
  • September 7th: Utopia
  • September 7th: Boardwalk Empire 
  • September 16th: New Girl
  • September 16th: The Mindy Project 
  • September 21st: Madam Secretary 
  • September 22nd: Gotham
  • September 22nd: The Big Bang Theory
  • September 22nd: Sleepy Hollow
  • September 23rd: S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • September 23rd: Awkward 
  • September 24th: The Mysteries of Laura 
  • September 24th: Modern Family  
  • September 24th: Nashville
  • September 24th: South Park
  • September 25th: Bones
  • September 25th: Grey’s Anatomy
  • September 25th: Scandal 
  • September 28th: Once Upon a Time
  • September 28th: The Simpsons 
  • September 28th: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • September 28th: Family Guy
  • September 28th: Revenge 
  • September 29th: Mom
  • September 29th: Castle 
  • October 1st: Criminal Minds
  • October 2nd: The Vampire Diaries 
  • October 2nd: Bad Judge 
  • October 3rd: America’s Next Top Model
  • October 5th: Bob’s Burgers 
  • October 5th: Homeland
  • October 5th: Mulaney 
  • October 6th: The Originals
  • October 7th: Supernatural 
  • October 8th: Arrow
  • October 8th: American Horror Story: Freak Show
  • October 9th: The Walking Dead 
  • October 22nd: The 100 
  • October 22nd: Web Therapy 
  • October 24: Grimm 
  • October 27: 2 Broke Girls 
  • October 30: Elementary 

Please feel free to add to the list if I missed one of your faves!