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Take Me To Church, Homeland (January 2015)

What Is Homeland?

“The map is not the answer . And the birth certificate is no longer the same. No one has had to face this question as you have, from this moment till you die or repent, or become a traitor. To be content is not enough because contentment does not bring or change or blow anything up, and the waste land is immense. The desert is not always bigger than a prison cell. So what is a home land? It is not a question you can answer and then go on your way. Your cause and your life are one and before all this- and beyond it – it is your identity. It would be the simplest thing to say, my homeland is where I was born. But when you returned, you found nothing. What does that mean? It would be the simplest thing to say, my homeland is where I will die. But you can die anywhere, or on the border between two places. What does that mean? After a while the question will become harder…”

Journal of an Ordinary Grief

Carrie/Quinn + worry
requested by anonymous

Happy Earth day! 🌍 from the day that changed my heart. tears of amazement at what the Creator’s voice spoke into being, and even more tears at the fact that His hand created us, and He delights in us more than anything and made us in His image. This earth is a beautiful place indeed, but we are His temple & that’s infinitely more. Keep loving those around you & take care of this beautiful world we live in. #earthday #romania #homeland #bucegimountains