A Welcome Home - thinking while I cook.

While the chicken roasts in the oven and I await visitors and participants - I’m wondering about what makes a Home for me. 

There is freshly baked soda brown bread sitting on the table beside me which instantly throws up memories of my home in Dublin and my granny-mae’s in Kildare, a smell that pervades the room and the mind, somewhere safe and wholesome and healthy.


Wholesome and healthy - in recent months taking the time to create a sense of home and calm has become incredibly important to me. My sense of home and time for me are things that I have very little time for with work and when they are absent I feel a very palpable separation from who I am and where I should be.

Today, at this moment, I realise that I am facilitating a Home for myself, in performance, for an audience of me. I want to share this experience with the outer world, as I know it is one, that we each facilitate for ourselves on a daily basis. The routine, the act of cooking, cleaning and being in a space, creates the assurance of a home. The regularity of something, such as baking bread and sharing it, is what validates the sense of Home day by day.

 The chicken needs basting and there is a Pavlova for dessert and if you like, come along and join my conversation, its happening right now, with or without you, there is a Home being created in the middle of this festival with all of you in mind. 

I’ve been thinking about all the wonderful spaces I’ve seen so far as part of the festival, and what strikes me now, is that every one was open, different but true:

WHELP - by Come as Soon as You Hear, took over a house that I know intimately, but in through the performance I was able to experience it in an entirely new way. 

INNER SKIN - a house with echoes and imagery that brought me on a journey I can’t quite explain. It was subtle in a way that it is hard to describe - subtle in exactly the way defining what HOME is something that is known but hard to describe. Each image, each space, they presented was in some way familiar to me. 

Put Tha Pink Up - was a world that was so bizarre and yet inviting. The performance was entirely surreal and yet and I partook in the events as if it was completely natural. Perhaps more of the House Party vibe, where you make yourself at home in somewhere unknown. You go in with an apprehension about being in someone’s Home and you leave feeling part of it. 

Maybe there is something in making work from a place that you feel most calm and most at HOME…not sure what yet. Gonna go baste the chicken and think some more!

Housing Month: Homefest, November 4

Homefest is an annual music festival held to draw attention to the desperate need for more affordable housing and the eradication of homelessness in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. The event is hosted by the Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness.

This year’s event will be held on Sunday, November 4 atSt Faith’s Anglican Church (11725-93 Street). Doors will open at 2:00pm and music will begin at 2:30pm.

Featuring Edmonton musicians Terry MorrisonJohn GorhamKevin CookMaria Dunn, Scott Peters, Barry WesterlundMat Halton, and James Renton.

Tickets are $10 each and are available for purchase at TIX On The Square (9930 102 Avenue). Call (780) 420-1757.

If you would like to purchase batch tickets for groups or agencies, please contact Perla at 780-288-6008 or pebenzvi@gmail.com.

If you would like to contribute or would like more information about Homefest, please contact Jim Gurnett at jimgurnett@yahoo.ca.