Hanging Planter | For The Makers

I’m starting to see these hanging planters everywhere at the moment, but they’re mostly in neon colours. Not that I have anything against neon, but it doesn’t really fit in with my decor! I really love these hangers - soft and pastel and pretty. The cups are called ‘bleached bell cups’, dyed with kool aid and the plants are air plants - etsy has a great selection of air plants.

Book Headboard | Design Every Day

I always get a little nervous when I post any DIY that involves altering books in anyway because I inevitably get a lot of comments/reblogs, etc of people saying ‘Sacrilege! Book destroyer! Gah!’. These bum me out but I also know that there are a ton of people who love these. I see it more as celebrating books and how much they mean to me than destroying them. These books would probably sit in a bin in an op shop before being chucked in the rubbish, so in a way you are saving them! I truly love this idea, though I don’t think I dust enough to justify having one! The beauty of this is that it’s also a statement piece so you’re not going to need a lot more decoration in your room. Just make sure you secure the books as directed or you might end up with your head in a book…literally!

Vintage Suitcase Drawer Dresser | Man Made DIY

There’s something nice about vintage suitcases that I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe it’s that they feel like they have a bit of history about them. They’re not really practical these days for air travel, but they are usually so sturdily built that it’s a shame to leave them laving in the op shops. This is such a cool use for them - very Mad Men, 60’s, inherited-ish! If you have a retro vibe in your house these would slot in perfectly. And they don’t have to go in the bedroom- these would be perfect for holding your fabrics, craft supplies, in the bathroom to hold towels and other bits and pieces… all you need to do is find enough cases in the same size!


Pallet Swing Bed | The Merry Thought

Hammocks? Uh, so hard to get into (and harder to get out of!). Swinging chairs? Not the easiest thing to lay on. Day bed? But it doesn’t swing! Pallet swing bed? Best of all worlds! It looks so comfortable too. This is more than a one day project, and you need something sturdy to hang it from, but I’m sure the idea of spending your Summers laying on this, reading a good book, drinking an iced tea and napping will keep you motivated! I’m going to show this project to my dad and try to convince him to make one for me…


Instagram Projects

Don’t let your amazing Instagram pics sit on your phone, bring them to life with these three amazing projects! I have to say I’m in love with that little Polaroid necklace (interchangeable pics, so cute!)

Big Display Ideas For Instagram | Dot Coms For Moms

Tiny Polaroid Magnets | Ambrosia Girl

Polaroid Necklace | Dot Coms For Moms

Hanging Bed | Home Depot

I am always in awe of people who can take some wood and create something amazing. So even though making something like this hanging bed is beyond me (also my shed is about 1m x 1m…) I always like to reblog these for those of you who have the skill… or those of you who can convince someone to do it for you! This is like a modern version of the traditional porch swing and it looks so comfy - the perfect place for reading, drinking, napping, sleeping - in that order!


DIY Inspiration

At Home With Jen Lula | A Beautiful Mess

While browsing the Beautiful Mess blog, I spotted this amazing wall art in Jen Lula’s home. I’ve featured string & nail wall art before, and it’s such a fun and creative way to add colour and texture to your place without a ton of effort. The nice thing is that it’s always going to be unique depending on the string you use, the size of your letters, etc. I think I might need to go and buy some nails and wool tomorrow!

Handwriting Statement Wall | A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is like the place to go for amazing statement walls! This time it’s in the form of a phrase, repeated over and over - and if I’ve learnt anything from watching every season of Design Star, it’s that when you repeat something over and over it has a big impact. But as you can see, it’s best to keep everything else relatively neutral so your room doesn’t get too busy. You could also paint your wall in one colour and then do your writing in a shade lighter or darker. A big impact that’s incredibly original!


10 Clever Spray Paint Ideas | Curbly

Spray paint has a bad rep. Back in the day it was oily, toxic and only available in colours like black, brown, red and browny red. But as you can see, spray paint has changed with the times and comes in a myriad of colours, types and textures. Curbly has rounded up a fantastic set of projects using this overlooked product, in lots of different ways. Personally I adore those gold letters (formerly plastic blue, yellow & red!) and the gold/pink book ends. Click through for all the links!


Favourite Home DIYs of 2011

So I’ve gone back through my archive and picked out my most favourite DIYs that I blogged this year. I still haven’t done any of them, but now I’m all excited about them again after ‘rediscovering’ them. I think I need to make that terrarium with the little man though.

Top, L-R:

Foam Deer Head | Chronicle Books;

Pallet Reading Bed | Ashley Ann Photography;

Cross Stitch Family Portrait | Martha Stewart

Middle, L-R:

Jewelry Bust | Design*Sponge;

Butterfly Dome | Stylist Home

Tea Shelf | Design*Sponge

Bottom, L-R:

Dressed Up Dresser | Lena Corwin for How Tuesday

Profile Bulletin Board | Country Living

DIY Terrarium | Intimate Weddings

Stamped Clay Bowls | Gathering Beauty

Aren’t these gorgeous?! And seriously, the process is so easy to follow, you’re going to have a stack of these bowls in no time. What to do with all your bowls? Keep them on your bedside table or near your front door for your keys/jewels/watch. Put it in your bathroom with some pretty soaps in it or just use them as decoration anywhere in your house. Plus this would make a really lovely gift - you should be able to get a few bowls from a packet of clay, meaning you’ve got a cheap gift that looks a million bucks!