snapshots of new duward, part two: lupercalia

February 13-15: Lupercalia, a day to cleanse the underground homes and streets of New Duward and several other cities in Southern Europe of human influence. No human tools or inventions are typically used by those who celebrate the holiday, and those who do not celebrate the holiday are often frowned upon. 

Originally Lupercalia was a day to cleanse the streets of evil spirits, but since the warlocks and demons protested against this in 1895, it was changed to a purging of human effect on the underground cities.

Lupercalia is celebrated by all the creatures in different ways.
Probably the most interesting celebratory customs are those of the few remaining gorgons, who spend the first day buried completely underground asleep to kill the serpents atop their heads and to shed their old, weakened skins, then emerge on the second day with hardened membranes and pluck the dead snakes from their heads.
On the third day, they go on a hunt in forests, deserts and/or human houses to find new snakes to bond with. After they find their new companions, the gorgons use the snakes’ venom to soften their skulls then insert the snakes in by their tails, giving them a new head of “hair” and thus concluding the events of Lupercalia.

What’s left of the gorgon species usually meets up in New Duward’s underworld to partake in the celebrations together, burying themselves close to each other and going on their snake hunts as teams. They have been known to occasionally help pull the dead snakes out of each other’s heads, but such intimacy is rare among gorgons and is regarded as a strange thing to do by other supernatural creatures.

We thought about taking the streetcar, but gladly the subway was working again, so it was faster and easier coming home underground.
Nós pensamos em pegar o bonde, mas ainda bem que o metrô estava funcionando novamente, então foi mais rápido e mais fácil vir pra casa por debaixo da terra. (at Downtown Toronto)

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lheonce asked:

Okay, so like 2 hours ago, i went to the university to print my train ticket. So i was going back home, walking in the underground, minding my business, and i see this girl running toward me. I watch her running past me and realize she's holding something. And she had a freaking pan in her hand and nothing else. I'm still wondering if she planned on taking the train with nothing but a pan...

Ahahahaha. Mystery of the pan girl. Maybe she wanted to make pancakes but realised she didn’t have a pan so she ran to get one.

magnolialis asked:

♥ ♦ ✓

( x accepting. )

♥ - What does ‘love’ mean to them?

           &—- What love means to Farlan is accepting someone for who they are. The good, the bad. Their past, whatever the future may bring and for them to accept you for who you are as well. Love means to be there for that person, as he is for Levi and Isabel. Helping them despite what predicament they may be in.
Being a comforting shoulder if and when they need it, a shoulder to cry on if need be however uncomfortable it may make you. Love to him means caring for someone despite their quirks, caring for someone on a greater level. The meaning of love to him is definitely not something he would willingly discuss with ANYBODY.

♦ - What is one thing about them that they are most proud of?

         &—- He once gave a group in the underground a home, it was one of his more prouder moments.

✓ - How do they react to praise?

        &—- He typically reacts with his signature smirk. Depending on the person; sometimes a faint blush accompanies the expression.