What is it about you? What do I want

From you, for you, with you? I see

You and feel the welling urge to embrace

You, to take you into my loving embrace.

Why? Because you are tenderly, gently,

Thoughtfully yourself. Because you

Modestly, comically, ironically, anxiously

Live in hiding from the threatening world.

Because you are profound, rounded,
Ready to be delighted by queer ideas.

I wish only to be wanted by you. I wish

Only to be asked to embrace you. Why

Do I want to be enfolded in your embrace?

Because there, I would need no explanation,

There I would be moulded into your warmth,

There I would be answered and unhurt.

Say what you want of me, and I will fall

All down for you, fall before you, collapse

Into the very form you long to embrace.

This piece known as “Wave of the Future” is a homage to Hokusai’s “Great Wave off of Kanagawa”. The artist has morphed the original wave like texture into a pixelated landscape in to a webform of the original. Thus the artist has gone from the implied original texture, to a pixelation of texture to a smooth webform.

"The Birth of Hellboy" by Santiago Caruso. My homage to Hellboy, created by Mike Mignola 20 years ago. Happy Birthday, Red!

This image honors the second issue of “Hellboy in Hell”. 

Esta imagen formará parte de HELLBOY DAY junto a otros dibujantes argentinos, mañana sábado 22 de Marzo a las 5PM en 

Moebius Liceo

Av. Santa Fe 2729 local 13 P. Baja, 1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina

No falten. Nos vemos!


John Byrne, I see what you did there… part 1.

Fantastic Four #1 by Jack Kirby & George Klein & Stan Goldberg. 1961.

Amazing Heroes #1 by John Byrne. 1981.

What If #36 by John Byrne & Terry Austin. 1982.

Marvel Age #14 by John Byrne. 1983.

Fantastic Four #264 by John Byrne. 1984.

Avengers West Coast #54 by John Byrne. 1990.

Danger Unlimited #4 by John Byrne & Gary Cody. 1994.

X-Men: The Hidden Years #20 by John Byrne. 2001.

Side question for those that may know: Finding credit for the cover colorist is often difficult. In making these posts I want to include their names and not just the penciler and inker. Is it ever ok to assume the person credited for interior colors also did the cover?

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