Level 4- Chad Carter:

Most improvisors are fairly intelligent, Chad stands out in even this environment as a genius.

This was the first level where I actually started out confident. Since I didn’t recognize most, I just assumed I was going to be the competent, aggressive player. Turns out, this class was packed with talent, including future SFA teammate Nick Mandernach.

Chad was always decent, but had no patience for bad improv. You could tell how boring your scene was by how fast his knee bounced. I quit wasting time in scenes, and I did learn how to be aggressive. My confidence ebbed and flowed.

I also learned how to tie ideas together, I think that might be one of his strengths. His approach in making connections, I believe, helps everyone’s neurons fire quicker, by understanding how to direct your thoughts along a more narrow path.

As an analytical mind myself, I really dug this class.

Lauren Bacall - Golden Girl

Lauren Bacall – Golden Girl

Another Hollywood icon has passed this week, Hollywood will be mourning deeply for the loss of the best comedian actor of all time and the day after for one of their Golden Girls.

Lauren Bacall, one of Hollywood’s leading ladies from the Golden Age of motion pictures has died at the age of 89. The award-winning actress had a massive stroke at her home on Tuesday morning, according to US website…

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Oh God, oh God, Anne Hathaway's awkward face is burned into my retina....

Please Note: This is NOT a review, it’s a rant. 

First of all, I think it is vital to point out that the only reason I went to see the film ‘One day’ is because i read and loved the book. I do not like rom-coms, in fact i despise almost all ‘Hollywood’ romances. Consequently, I was acutely aware of the distinct possibility of disliking the film. (Un)Fortunately having grown up in a household where trash TV, rom-coms and ITV game shows have swamped my living room TV screen, I have built up quite the tolerance for TV shows and films i do not enjoy. I can bare ‘this morning’ (some might even accuse me of enjoying it on rare occasions- a claim I neither deny nor admit to), I can [only just] tolerate ‘legally blonde’. I have even just recently learned how to sit through an entire 15 minutes of Loose Women without literally pulling out bits of hair or bursting into tears at the idoiocy and human error displayed on a show which appears to brand itself as a light hearted ‘woman’s hour’, which I in fact believe is a sad but nonetheless important display of skewed social priorities and human faults. The show feels apocalyptic in the sense that every time I watch it, i’m genuinely frightened that i might wake up tomorrow and the world is like loose women. If i had the opportunity to form my own government, i’d use a five minute snipped of these so-called ‘loose women’ to highlight the necessity to impose my ‘liberal dictatorship manifesto’ immediately before the whole of humanity slides into an irrecoverable state of stupidity. 

Ok, so maybe i’ve veered slightly off track, but it was necessary to prove my point that, despite a high tolerance of utter trite on Tv and in films, i surprised even myself when i left the cinema before ‘One Day’ had even finished.

It became almost immediately obvious that a purely literary device- returning to the story just one day a year - does not translate well to cinema. This, however, was the very least of its problems. The acting was amazingly shocking. No really, i was genuinely AMAZED at how rigid, awkward, and stifled the acting was, the characters of Dextor and Emma seemed as if they had just met each other for the first time in every scene. It was just awkward and didn’t convey the close, intimate and natural friendship that was evident in the novel between them.

Ugh. I knew things were going to be bad when the scene started with music which sounded like it belonged to a 70’s american soap opera about posh-and-rural New England, USA, coupled with a swirly font title taken straight from word-processor (quite possibly ‘french script’)

I left the cinema about half way through (and we only stayed this long because there were so many awkward silences in the film and i had taken some rather loud rustly bags, that we had to choose our moment wisely so as not to disturb the other 4 or so people in the cinema, although i question their motives for staying, and perhaps even believe our walk out may have sparked a mass walkout afterwards, it’s what i like to think happened at any rate. Whoever didn’t leave had probably slipped into a comma, perhaps even self-induced to make the pain go away and the minutes pass quicker). 

The only thing i regret is that i didn’t stay long enough to see Anne Hathaway die and Jim Sturgess cry his silly posh tears out, who can only cry using the infamous tweezers-in-the trouser-pocket-with-the-hole method and presumably is only capable of crying out gold, dollar bills, or his own sexual fluids. He’s that robotic, horrid, and overwhelmingly in love with himself.

I hated it so much i cannot stop thinking about it. Like those awful songs that you hate but can’t help yourself from singing, Anne Hathaways ridiculous dumb face is ingrained, no, burnt or scratched, into my brain. So much so, it still hurts even though the physical scars have long since faded. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore, it just hurts.

I just want to save anyone from having to experience what i experienced on a cold monday afternoon, and quite possibly changed my life forever- it was the day i saw quite literally the worst film ever. 

New Post has been published on The Rakyat Post

New Post has been published on http://www.therakyatpost.com/life/health-life/2014/09/21/angelina-jolie-breast-surgery-sparks-surge-female-cancer-tests/

Angelina Jolie breast surgery sparks surge in female cancer tests

HOLYYWOOD star Angelina Jolie’s decision to make public her double mastectomy more than doubled the number of women in Britain seeking to have genetic breast cancer tests, according to a study released over the weekend.

Jolie, 39, who has become a high-profile human rights campaign, announced her surgery in May last year, saying she acted after testing positive for a mutation of the BRCA1 gene that significantly increases the risk of breast cancer.

She said she was going public with news of her surgery as she hoped her story would inspire other women to fight the life-threatening disease.

Researchers studied 21 clinics and regional genetic centres and found there were 4,847 referrals for testing in June and July last year compared to 1,981 in the same period of 2012

The study of the so-called “Angelina effect”, published in the journal Breast Cancer Research, credited Jolie’s glamorous appearance and relationship with Hollywood actor Brad Pitt for helping to lessen women’s fears about surgery.

Angelina Jolie … is likely to have had a bigger impact than other celebrity announcements, possibly due to her image as a glamorous and strong woman,” researcher Gareth Evans of the charity Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention said in a statement.

“This may have lessened patients’ fears about a loss of sexual identity post-preventative surgery and encouraged those who had not previously engaged with health services to consider genetic testing.”

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide.

The World Health Organisation estimated that more than 521,000 women died of breast cancer in 2012.

Oscar-winning Jolie has in recent years drawn nearly as much attention for her globe-trotting work on behalf of refugees and victims of sexual violence in conflicts as for her acting.

Jolie was named a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNHCR in 2001 and promoted to be Special Envoy to High Commissioner Antonio Guterres in 2012.

Since 2012 she has also led a campaign against sexual violence in conflict zones.