Okay um, I was tagged by fandomsfreezeandcreationsburn so here i go

Rule 1 - post the rules

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1. OTP?

Em, destiel probably

2. How is the weather?

It’s cloudy and grey and drizzly but that’s never really going to change so

3. Opinions on Peter Capaldi?

I think he looks like he’s going to be a great doctor, and people should just fuck off about his casting, the doctor has and always will be a cisgendered male (they will never be gutsy enough to cast a female) so just fuck the fuck off and leave him alone

4. Favourite book?

Probably a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

5. Computer/Laptop/Mobile or Tablet?

Laptop definitely, I wouldn’t trade my baby for anything

6. On a scale of 1 to 10 how crappy is your school?

em, 7? 8? How crappy can an all-girls catholic school be?

7. If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way to the earth’s core? 

No, only as far as they can dig

8. Why didn’t someone just shoot Voldemort with a rifle? 

If they couldn’t kill him with avada kedavra because he wasn’t human enough then how the fuck to you expect them to use a muggle weapon

9. Colour of your bedroom?

It’s white but coloured in posters

10. Cas, Dean or Sam?

Deany baby

11. Favourite food?

I love food don’t make me choose


Okay, here are mon questions

1. Can you speak more than one languages? If so which ones?

2. Do you have a bedtime or do you just go with the flow?

3. Speaking of flow, do you have long hair?

4. What’s your favourite sleeping position?

5. If you could go to any concert who would you go to and who would you bring?

6. Is there anyone you like at the moment/are you in a relationship?

7. Moriarty (BBC), the Joker (heath ledger version) or lucifer (spn edition)?

8. Tumblr, facebook or twitter?

9. What song are you listening to right now/ what was the last song you listened to?

10. Star Wars or Star Trek

11. You are the last human alive and can do anything you want, including fly a plane, drive a car, save the rainforest, what would you do?

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