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Pokemon characters in a Harry Potter au

- Ash finds out he’s a wizard when Delia explains to him why he got a letter from Hogwarts. She then explains that she isn’t a wizard, but his father was. She goes on to say how wonderful he was and what a great wizard he became. This leads Ash to want to become the greatest wizard. He, however, doesn’t know he’s actually “the chosen one.”

- Gary knew long before Ash that he was a wizard. His grandfather, a Professor at Hogwarts, told him all about the magical school and how he would one day go there, too. He ends up becoming the Seeker on the Slytherin Quidditch team, and has quite the number of cheerleaders cheering for him at all of his games. He and Ash, the Gryffindor Seeker, have an intense rivalry. He finds himself in the Slytherin Common Room studying a lot, so much so he wonders if he should have been put in Ravenclaw, but he decides the Sorting Hat knows what it’s doing.

- Misty wasn’t sure she was a witch until she received her Hogwarts letter, she was so relieved since her older sisters told her all her life she was probably a squib, even though their parents were both wizards. That letter became precious to her, it was her proof that she was a part of something bigger than herself. She spends her free time by the Great Lake in hopes she will see and befriend the Giant Squid, which of course, she does. She discovers that the Giant Squid is actually quite friendly, so she’ll lay out her picnic blanket and wait for the creature to show itself so she can share food with it. Lucky squid.

- Brock is basically a Weasley, he’s a part of a giant magical family, although he takes care of everything because his parents suck. He knows he can magically clean and cook but he prefers doing it manually, and he makes sure his siblings do the same when he gives them chores to do. When he first hears about Amortentia, he decides he’s going to use it on the school nurse, Joy, or perhaps the caretaker of Hogwarts, Jenny. Luckily, Misty finds out about this plan and puts an end to it.

- May was raised by two magical parents, so she knew of Hogwarts and always hoped she’d get to go when she was older. She is a bit clumsy at first with her magic, but she eventually gets the hang of it. She LOVES Honeydukes. She would live there if she could. She’ll enter with a wad of cash and leave with her hands full of bags of sweets. When Drew sees how much candy she got, he tells her not to overindulge herself or she’ll end up with a stomachache, to which she replies, “I know what I’m doing!” She later has to stay in her house dorm because she isn’t feeling very well.

- Max actually isn’t magical. He figured that, with magical parents and older sister, he’d definitely be a wizard. However, he never receives a letter, and he’s heartbroken. That doesn’t stop May from exposing him to the magical world, though. Whenever she returns home, she brings Max all sorts of things from Hogsmeade. Although Max wishes he was a wizard, he realizes how lucky he is to have a sister like May, witch or not.

- Drew was always suspicious of things he could do, but he couldn’t prove why he could do those things until his letter came. His father tried to snuff the magic out of him, so when he realized he could leave and be with people like him, he went for it. He still wasn’t able to open up to anyone though. One of the Headmasters, Solidad, ends up picking up on this and slowly gets him to be more open. He becomes passionate about herbology, and especially loves roses. May ends up catching on to his love of roses and teases him about it. He’ll never let her know his wand is actually made of Rosewood. He’d never live it down.

- Dawn shows signs of magic at a young age, her mother, Johanna who is also a witch, is quite proud, but she has to tell her that she can manipulate things like petals on flowers when she’s with her, but she shouldn’t use magic with other people around. Dawn ends up loving charms, her favorites are hair-growing and hair-thickening charms, as she can use it on her own hair to give it volume. She also loves the undetectable extensive charm for her purse, which leads her to her interest in charmed clothes.

- Paul doesn’t suspect anything is abnormal about his family until he receives his Hogwarts letter. He still isn’t buying the whole “wizard” thing, but Reggie tells him that not only were both of their parents wizards, he is, as well. Paul still doesn’t want to go to the magical school, but Reggie forces him saying that “it’ll be good for you!” He doesn’t enjoy his experience at all, since there are rambunctious children everywhere who can also perform magic. He does want to learn about the wizarding world though, and he becomes quite the expert in potions. He ends up being invited to the Slug Club, but he only goes to one meeting, saying it was a “waste” of his time.

- Iris always felt like an outcast since she was a witch and she didn’t know anyone her age who shared her magical abilities. So when she receives her letter, she’s ecstatic. During the Triwizard Tournament, she can’t help but wish she was in the arena with the dragons. This causes everyone around her to look at her as if she’s insane. Her favorite place is the Shrieking Shack, she loves hearing stories about it, and she decides that she’ll definitely go in one day. She soon learns that the entrance is under the Whomping Willow, and she sets off to explore. Cilan tells her she can’t go since it’s much too dangerous, she’d be pummeled to death by the Whomping Willow. However, she turns to him and says to not be “such a kid,” and she makes her way past the tree- unharmed.

- Cilan is quite the skeptic and has always tried to explain the odd things that he and his brothers were capable of doing using science, so when the three of them get their letters to Hogwarts, he tries to reason that it’s just not true. However, when he learns that you travel to Hogwarts by train, he becomes more enthusiastic about the whole idea more than anyone else. Once he learns everything there is to know about the locomotive, he spends the entire train ride telling everyone about it, regardless of who he’s with. Seriously, the whole trip, it’s “did you know that the Hogwarts Express was originally built by the Muggle engineers at Crewe in Cheshire, England in the early-to-mid 19th century?” It gets old real fast.

AHHH so i’ve been dating my best friend richardarmitakeme for two months now and i am a huge goofball incapable of being serious for longer than 2 seconds so i figured i’d let some songs illustrate how i feel for her. happy 2 months kourtney! here’s to hopefully many, many more. <3


1.) i do adore - mindy gledhill 2.) the only exception - paramore 3.) i’d rather be with you - joshua radin 4.) such great heights (cover) - alice kristiansen 5.) every night - paul mccartney 6.) still into you - paramore 7.) don’t worry baby - the beach boys 8.) sweet and low - augustana 9.) come on get higher - matt nathanson 10.) stolen (dashboard confessional cover) - helene enriquez 



This is an actual attack ad. This is airing in certain parts of America right now.

No words.
They should’ve sent a poet.
Seriously, check the youtube page. This is a legitimate pac supporting Rand Paul.

Like right now I’m down in Pauls Valley Oklahoma and let me tell you it says already starting to flood holy shit this thing understood Pauls Valley fucking crazy

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Holy shit! Is that ( PAUL WESLEY ) ? No, silly me, it’s not. Why would they sign up for eHarmony? Surely someone as good looking as ( CHARLES HASTINGS ) doesn’t need to? Maybe it’s because they are so ( CANTANKEROUS & IMPERIOUS ) however, I’ve also heard they are ( STOIC & LOGICAL ) Huh, how strange. I’ve heard they are a ( TWENTY-FOUR ) year old ( PANSEXUAL ) who works as a ( CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER ). Pretty cool if you ask me! They are looking for a ( SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP ).

Welcome to eHarmony, Mister. Charles Hastings! We hope you will join us within 24 HOURS so we can work at finding your perfect match! Sorry if this was a little late, I had to go wash up!