Ok so for my A-level English Language coursework, I’m looking at how YouTubers (Hannah, Grace, and Mamrie in particular) interact with their audience (that’s you guys) during their videos. If you could take part in this survey then that’d be great, it’s basically a couple questions asking about you and how you feel about them and the way they talk to you in their videos. If you have any questions or wish to elaborate on any of the points made, then please feel free to message me on here. I’m hoping that you guys can give me a hand because this is an important part of my final grade.

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Grace & Mamrie & Hannah at their Meet ‘n Greet (extratyler)

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RCIA Week 4

The Holy Trinity!

Fr. Mohan, my favorite priest at my parish, gave the lecture on the Holy Trinity. Possibly the best part of the night was at the beginning, when he and his topic were introduced to the class. He cast his eyes upward and let out a great sigh, and everyone laughed. He’d gotten possibly the most difficult topic in the catechism.

The Trinity is beyond comprehension. He assured us that it was okay for us to come out of class not entirely understanding this mystery of faith. As a matter of fact, I suspect not even he understands the Trinity perfectly. Probably no one does.

For example, he explained that the Son is eternally begotten of the Father, that is, the Father’s perfect self-comprehension begets (I use the term “generates”, because “begotten” implies a single event while “generates” implies an ongoing process, and “eternally begotten” is really wordy) the Son, and their absolute love for one another generates the Spirit. To the logical, uncatechized person, this explanation seems absurd, something someone who was REALLY stretching for an explanation made up and everyone ran with it because no one had any better ideas. That said, I have faith in the Church and the Spirit that guides it, so I’m going to assume that it sounds ridiculous because I’m human and don’t understand it fully, or perhaps because our language doesn’t do the process justice.

The Holy Spirit was always an “it” to me, not a “he,” this thing that floats around and gives people the power to do cool things, like write Scripture and speak in tongues. But Fr. Mohan said that of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Spirit is the closest of all three to us right now. The Father sent the Son, but the Son had to return to the Father. So he promised us a Paraclete, and sent us the Spirit to be with us and to guide us and the Church to Christ. The Father was with Adam and Eve, Christ was with the apostles, and the Spirit is with us.

I guess I should ask Him for help a little more often. He’s the aspect here to guide us to the will of God, so maybe He’s the one I should ask when I’m not sure what God wants for me.

(Holy Spirit, do I return to work or school? What do you want for me? What do I do? How much holiness am I, a flawed, icky person, capable of? Do you revile me for the things that I am? Is there hope?)

I KNOW, but I don’t UNDERSTAND the Trinity. And I think that’s okay. I think that none of us really do, and won’t until God gives it to us to know after our deaths. That’s cool. I can wait.

Zombie walk Camp Takota Elise update !
I still have a ways to go but this is most of the costume! i hand made the scar’s with liquid latex(going on my face) right now im working on another big scar for my leg. and i still need to rip and make the shirt look worn and bloody / get a whistle for the lanyard !  Any questions feel free to ask :]

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YOU! You got me into Hannah Grace and Mamrie!



You know you love it. They are amazing. 

I feel so powerful right now!

Hey have you seen the video when I talk about meeting them?

Or the post where I talk about it and share all my pictures?

P.S. they are fucking amazing though right?!?! You should totally watch Camp Takota if you haven’t because it is amazing! GO BUY IT!

Everyone go watch check out gracehelbig mamrie and mydrunkkitchen

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