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Vas happenin boys

nitorireadsporn said:

I was at Animethon 21, I saw you once and told you I loved your cosplay! While searching through the tag on tumblr, I found your url! I thought I'd drop by and say once again that your cosplay was totally awesome! I really wanted to talk to you more but I was too shy to do so yet you seemed really nice ;3;

heavy breathing omg ur so cute. awwwwww it’s okay if you’re shy but i would have loved to talk to you more. thank you for all the nice words omg i am like blushing. but when did you come up to me if you don’t mind me asking? there was quite a few people, did you say hi on saturday? sunday? i want to remember your beautiful face (because thats not creepy at all). (;´д`)

anonymous said:

Well, since others are doing it, I may as well too. I was too shy to just do it myself and am still too shy to let my blog be known to others, but holy shit ur cute. no joke. like, everytime i see the selfies you post I realize it again and am like, oh holy shit, cute.

you guys are so sweet wtf.

mrsfulbrightpostlimit replied to your post:mrsfulbrightpostlimit replied to…

(HOLY SHIT UR THE CUTE ONE OMGFF) *looks at you confused before trying to make the hand shape, failing to and them tries to tap your nose but winds up smooshing your face* O-Oh um, s-sorry about that… I’m not.. good at this stuff..

*giggles and cups their hands together* It’s okay, you were trying and that’s what counts! *kisses each of their fingers* 

anonymous said:

holy shit i just said "ur cute" and then i saw you got like a billion other ones saying you're cute not too long ago. you really rake in the cutes

i dooooo and its funny bc all i do is pick my nose all day so

anonymous said:

holy shit ur cute what body mods do you have? I can't tell in some of your photos aha

I don’t have tattoos, due to lack of age and I don’t really trust home jobs plus my mother would literally kick my ass, I have 9 piercings though; septum, angel bites, bridge, lower navel, wrist, finger and industrial. I plan to get my snug pierced this weekend but yea