holy shit ur cute


Vas happenin boys

nitorireadsporn asked:

I was at Animethon 21, I saw you once and told you I loved your cosplay! While searching through the tag on tumblr, I found your url! I thought I'd drop by and say once again that your cosplay was totally awesome! I really wanted to talk to you more but I was too shy to do so yet you seemed really nice ;3;

heavy breathing omg ur so cute. awwwwww it’s okay if you’re shy but i would have loved to talk to you more. thank you for all the nice words omg i am like blushing. but when did you come up to me if you don’t mind me asking? there was quite a few people, did you say hi on saturday? sunday? i want to remember your beautiful face (because thats not creepy at all). (;´д`)

acesugawara asked:

Do all the favorites ones :0 (70-91)

holy SHIT

70-What is your favorite thing to do? play video ga,mes ngl
71-What’s your favorite color? red and brown are The Colors ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
73-What’s your favorite movie? i wanna say rent…………. i loved rent and im still. rly into bh666
74-What are your favorite books? uuhhh i dont do a LOT OF READING and a lot f books i ilike are made for. 6-8th graders ngl
75-What is your favorite quote and why? ive been trying to think of a clever answer to this for a VERY LONG TIMe but again i . do not have one and even if i did have one itd be from like,. a shitty anime No Doubt
76-What is your favorite word? tertiary and aveoli and apiary Nice..
77-What is your least favorite word? [moist joke here] jk im not SURE…
78-What is your favorite type of food? fruit :^) luv fruit..
79-You favorite ice cream? hhm chocolate or coffeeeeeEEEEE
80-What’s your favorite animal? lizerd..
81-Dogs or cats? cats.. SO much
82-Describe your favourite texture: bby cat fur and water like soapy bath water 
83-What is your favorite flower? daisies :0 and daffodils 
84-What’s your favourite scent? And on the opposite sex? ?? thats weird and idk i like pine and also lavender and flowery smells  . in terms of cologne and perfume idc reall.y…
85-What is your favorite season? winter when it actually fckn snows :^) incase i havent told u its decebmer fucccckin 9th and its not snowy or cold at all . im SO
86-What are the top five places you wish you could go before you die? i cant list a top 5………………… but i wanna go to europe and tokyo and canada probalby
87-What are four things you can’t live without and why? 1) zelda games.. 2) oot.. 3) majoras mask.. 4) hyrule warriors FIVE ZELDA U
88-Which mythological creature are you most like? Why? idk but this is rly cool to think aobut??? i rly wanna find that masterpost of them again holy Shit
89-What’s your favorite television show? okkkk like otgw right now but . i like parks and rec abd some other ones too idk rip. treehouse masters
90-Favorite place to shop at? i. dont go shopping a lot but i like hastings and hot topic Haha yeah! Im (laugh at me) :)
91-Say 2 facts about your favorite things: majoras mask is cool because it has a good soundtrack and my boyfriend is cool because hhe has a good soudntrack

anonymous asked:

ur hair and ur eyebrows are wow and perfect and ur so cute holy shit and ur blog is cute too evERYTHING ABOUT U IS CUTE