A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

One of my favourite words to write in Japanese, and in general. Kanji (chinese character) to the left, hiragana to the right. Pronounced “yume”.

“Those tiny eggs are growing and hatching, and the baby tiny chickens are feeding on my brain. They do everything that baby chickens do. They’re cute, they’re fuzzy. They poop, and they eat. They’re eating my brain and their poop is coming out my nose. ”

I have a cold.


I love bumblebees. They’re cute and fluffy and incredibly kind. How do I know they’re kind? In my childhood, I must’ve captured hundreds of these flying fluffballs into the dark fleshy prison of my hands, and I’ve only been stung once. That was the last time I captured one.

I wish I had braincrack. Without it, I’m just drawing mindlessly. Like today. Like a zombie would. But this zombie has a keyboard, not a sketchpad. He’s looking for braaaaaaaincrack online. Obviously.

Also, I’ve been watching too many The Walking Dead playthrough videos lately.

(And I’m rather good at drawing brains, Tom. I had one right here, but Zombie ate it.)