L’improvvisa morte di James Gandolfini, il grande attore de I Soprano, avvenuta ieri a Roma a causa di un infarto, continua a scatenare reazioni di ogni genere.

Com’era prevedibile, molte star del grande e del piccolo schermo hanno omaggiato Gandolfini rilasciando comunicati o messaggi sui vari social network ma, tra tutte le notizie, quella che sta generando grande commozione riguarda il ristorante e gelateria Holsten’s, il luogo in cui è stata girata l’ultima scena de I Soprano, che ieri è stato preso letteralmente d’assalto dai fan dello show.

E, cosa ancora più toccante, il tavolo dove ha seduto Gandolfini è vuoto e riporta il cartello ‘riservato.

This weekend, “Understanding the Times” host Jan Markell spoke with Minnesota conservative activist Marjorie Holsten about Common Core, which Holtsen claims contains sex-ed material so graphic that it actually violates obscenity laws in several states.

The only reason schools would teach sex-ed, Holsten explains, is that educators are playing the long game in trying to increase the number of Democratic voters: “People say to me, why would they teach such awful things to our children? If you go deep down and you connect those dots, you see that when children are desensitized to sexual things, that affects their ability at a later date to bond with a spouse. And so if you have somebody who can’t bond, they’re not going to have a stable marriage. When you have unstable, broken households, how do they vote? Democrat. So this has a very evil underlying intent.”

Markell also warned that lessons about violence towards African Americans and Native Americans in early American history, along with curricula on child labor laws and the environment, smack of “liberal bias.”

Holsten even predicted that teachers will be punished if they do not “teach that Obama’s the messiah.”

Markell: Second graders are probably going to read about Cesar Chavez, as if seven-year-olds know anything about Cesar Chavez; sixth graders are going to read about Industrial Revolution, child labor; you just indicated that global warming is going to be part of the agenda.

Holsten: Oh yeah. When you read these reading lists, they are designed not only to indoctrinate but to also create in children an absolute hatred of reading.

Markell: The liberal bias seems to be what comes out at me and the fact that conservatives and probably Christians are going to be seen as the mortal enemy, dangerous, whatever. I heard someone say that our founding fathers are probably going to be labeled as racists, that early settlers of America were the persecutors of the indigenous people and again conservatives will be probably painted as a dangerous category of people.

Holsten: One of the insidious things about Common Core is that teachers get their raises and get their tenure based on how the students do on the test, so if a teacher does not teach something that for a Christian teacher would be absolutely repugnant to their values, the children are not going to do well on this test. If the teacher doesn’t teach that Obama’s the messiah, the children aren’t going to answer that question as desired by the Common Core grading system and so the teacher might not be able to retain her grade. So really we need an uprising.

h/t: Brian Tashman at RWW

This photo was taken by John Klekamp, a reporter from NJ 12, at Holsten’s, where the final scene of the Sopranos was shot. My daughter happened to be there with her friends when they found out about James Gandolfini’s passing. Freaky.