We’ve previously discussed the renaissance in Southern cheesemaking, made more noteworthy for taking place in a region not historically associated with dairy. With makers like Meadow Creek, Manyfold Farm, Caromont Farm, Goat Lady Dairy, Sequatchie Cove Creamery and many more, and new ones popping up every year, the region is quickly occupying an ever-increasing share of cheese counters across the country. 

Now we have another promising producer to add to the list. Above is the Cottonseed, from Boxcarr Handmade Cheese, located in Cedar Grove, NC. Owned by first-generation farmers and Austin Genke and his wife Dani, and Austin’s sister Samantha, they have operated since 2009 on 30 acres of mixed use land, with vegetables, pigs, chickens and goats, a catering company and even a food truck. They broke ground in 2014 on a creamery and began cheesemaking in 2015 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Milk is currently sourced from neighboring farms, with the Jersey and Holstein cow’s milk coming from one and Alpine, Nubian and Sannen goat’s milk from another.

They describe their line as being “inspired by the small country farmsteads of Italy”, and with their own Italian roots, and the help of a local “formaggiaia” Alessandra Trompeo, they are producing cheeses that evoke the classic cheeses of italy.

The Cottonseed, the only one I’ve had the chance to try so far, is a Scimudin-inspired, mixed cow and goat’s milk square. The rind is pale pink, with a white frosting, and pillowy to the touch; cutting it open reveals a silky, oozing paste that spills out of the rind as it warms. Flavors are milky, rich and grassy, a bit briny and mushroomy.

I hope to sample the Rosie’s Robiola soon, as I’m always on the lookout for domestically produced robiola-style cheeses! They also have a cheese named Lissome, which they describe as “a beautiful love-child of Tallegio and Havarti”, which has me intrigued.  

Purchased at Bedford Cheese Shop.

anonymous asked:

Carmilla Headcannon: Laura's dad thinks Silas is very unsafe for her and takes her home. He says Carmilla can't be around anymore either because she's a threat. How does Holstein survive this one?

Send me Carmilla universe prompts and I will write an ask-box fic.

If Laura was a different kind of person, she would probably have stopped believing in happy endings by this point. In fact, if she was a different person entirely she might even go so far as to think the universe was cursing her in particular by refusing to let her be happy for more than two hot seconds. 

Her beautiful, amazing, asshole of a vampire roommate finally started acting like a person towards her, and then she runs off a cliff. Said beautiful asshole comes back from the freaking dead, only for their university campus to become uninhabitable, forcing them to flee. They finally reach civilisation after days of stumbling though snowy mountains with no supplies worth speaking of, and her father insists on whisking her away from her amazing, self-sacrificing possible-girlfriend before they have time to so much as discuss that very possibility.

You can see why it would be easy to think the universe has it out for Laura in particular.

Her father is pulling his stern-and-disciplinary act, and Laura is giving him the silent treatment, so the ride home is mostly full of strained silence. Laura spends most of her time wondering what Carmilla, Perry and LaF are doing. Mostly Carmilla though.

She has a lot of time to consider the subject. The whole car ride to her childhood home, and then the whole time she takes changing into some of the clothes she had passed over taking to Silas with her, and then the whole of dinner. Needless to say, by the time she is trudging upstairs to change into pyjamas and go to bed, she has countless theories as to where Carmilla is and what she is doing.

In none of them, however, had she imagined Carmilla to be sprawled on her bed. 

‘Carm? What are you doing here?’