FuckYeahTeenLock & High Functioning Fangirls Present :: The First Annual Holmsies Fan Fiction Award Ceremony!


Hello, gorgeous Sherlock fans!

FYTL has teamed up with bbcsherlockficrecs to bring you The Holmsies: a fan fiction award event inspired by “the desire And the spasm” by grassle. During this contest/event, you’ll have the chance to submit your all-time favourite fics to over a dozen different categories in order to help create a compilation of the best Sherlock fic out there. And everyone will get recommendations for new fic to read! 

This is just the preliminary post which will outline the rules and deadline. bbcsherlockficrecs will reblog this from us and post the categories/submission guideline for the event.



  • Fics must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST, February 15th, 2014.
  • Only one submission per person per category. You may submit to as many or as few categories as you wish.
  • No anonymous submissions, and you must have a working ask box or email so we can inform you of your flawless victory.
  • **Submissions must have fewer than 25,000 hits to qualify. This is to ensure that we don’t get all the usual popular fics. For example, please don’t submit “A Cure for Boredom” to us, because it’s a fandom classic, and the main goal of this is to give everyone new fic to read.  However, if the fic is published on livejournal or another site that doesn’t record hits, it must have fewer than 250 comments.**
  • If a category does not receive any submissions, it will be removed.
  • Submissions can be any rating, pairing, style etc. you like so long as they fit the category they’re submitted to. Submissions that fail to fit the category will be disqualified.

And that’s all! Go dig through your bookmarks to find your favourite fics. Sherlockbbcficrecs will reblog this post and add the categories/how to submit within the next few days. Then we’ll reblog it from them to make sure everyone sees it. :)

Enjoy, and may the fic be with you!

- FYTL and HFF

Like "Till We Have Cases"? "Holmsie" voting extended to September 8th


(Look down at the bottom of this posting and you’ll see the confirmation from the sponsoring sites.)

If you’ve been enjoying Till We Have Cases and would like to make your feelings known, do go ahead and vote! 

And thanks so much to those who nominated this fic. Your feedback has meant so much.

Meanwhile, it’s looking like another update will come along within the next few days. Stay tuned…

to all my dear and wonderful followers,

i know i have been kind of MIA the past few weeks, but if you are so inclined, would you do me a favor and go vote for my story at seventeen at the holmsies?  it’s a contest honoring sherlock fics that have less than 25k hits.  at seventeen was nominated for best teenlock.

voting ends TONIGHT, so this is the last chance!

i know i’ve blogged about this forty thousand times, but i am so touched by the response i got on that story.  i am an intensely shy person, and sharing my writing has always been tricky for me.  to have received such support and love for it is extremely gratifying, and i could not be more grateful.

so!  if you’d like to support my little fic, i’d appreciate it.  if you do not want to, no prob.  i’m just happy you read it.  or that you just follow me for some reason.

thanks, everyone.  lots of love.