I’ve just been looking back at the videos of James’ first court appearance and I remember seeing him for the first time on the news. I remember I felt nothing but a connection to him the moment I saw him. I felt no hate, no anger. Somehow I knew he had a kind, loving, beautiful soul and that there was something more going on within his mind. He looked so lost and confused and out of touch with reality. James and this whole case have made such an impact on my life and has changed the way I think about many things. I will never in my life forget about this tragedy and will certainly never give up on James. I continuously pray for James, his family, the victims and everyone affected by what happened on 7/20, just like I have been for almost 3 years now. I know I’ve been a quiet one on here and never really post my thoughts on things (I don’t really know why), but sometimes I like to vent, just like now. This is all such a tough situation right now for everyone and I don’t know what to feel but I do know that I’m never giving up! Ok… I think I’m done getting all of that off my chest! Aah! *hides*

He (James Holmes) seems a bit more lucid every time I see him. His gaze is a bit more focused, however it seems he is still in another universe by the way he holds himself.
—  via Jeremy Jojola (regarding James’ May 29th court appearance).