Kendall Jenner Says Sister Kylie Is 'The Messiest Person Ever'

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Kendall Jenner Says Sister Kylie Is ‘The Messiest Person Ever’

Reality TV star Kendall Jenner feels sister Kylie finds it hard to keep her room clean and tidy.

Kendall Jenner Says Sister Kylie Is ‘The Messiest Person Ever’

The 18-year-old model said Kylie, 17, is the messiest person she has ever met, who can even be disrespectful towards other people’s stuff at time, reported Female First.

“She’s (Kylie’s) really dirty. She’s the messiest person ever and does not care.

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I’ve found the best way to get work done at home is with some background noise, the same with most people. mostly i’ll listen to music. but  I found alot of my music can be a distracting. so i’ve resorted to some classic 1970/1980 horror movies, such as Friday the 13, Nightmear on Elm Street and Hell raiser 

Watching them now i realised how crap they are, and how much the scripts are the same from on film to the next.

but they are still a lot better then some of the 18 rated films mad today. in fact there has not been many released recently. 

i love comic books and its great to see them come to life on film, but i miss a good horror…. well more of a pyco thriller.

i think the writers in hollywood have lost their muses, the only horrors being made are B movies and some of them should be rated as S movies (shit movies).

I suppose its my generation to blame for no good film. all those raves destroyed our imaginations. but still there has to be some of us left with some good ideas.

Come on people we need some original work here.

Aron “Deuce” Erlichman was the lead singer of Hollywood Undead, a popular rap/rock band.  Deuce decided to quit the band a few months ago to launch a solo career. Since then, Deuceclaims he has been a target of the former band member’s anger and threats.

   On May 25, Deuce performed at Angels & Kings — a Hollywood hotspot.  After his gig, Deuce left the club and claims his former bandmates were “lying in wait.” Deuce claims when they spotted him, they jumped him and went to town — punching, kicking and stomping on him. Deuce says a friend of his was injured as well while trying to defend him.

   Deuce says he was badly hurt and went to cops, alleging former bandmates Dylan
   ”FunnyMan” Alvarez and Jorel “J-Dog” Decker were the primary culprits. Deuce also told cops the two dudes had someone videotape the attack — which he believes means the attack was premeditated.

   Now, Deuce plans to sue — and has already hired legal pitbull Donald Karpel.

—  Metal Injections cover of Deuce leaving HU