If you commit a crime in Hollyoaks, there is a 1% chance that you will be arrested for it.

If you don’t commit a crime in Hollyoaks, there is a 100% chance you will be arrested for it. 

limabeancafe said:

You've convinced me with your gorgeous gifsets and graphics!! I want to watch Hollyoaks. How do I go about doing that? :D Even better if there's a way to watch just Ste and Brendan's storyline.... I tried youtubing it but couldn't find anything from the beginning.


Ohhh, thank you so much! :D And I am so happy that I was able to convince you to get involved!

Yes, you can certainly only watch Brendan and Ste’s storyline, it’s the only thing I watch myself as there are way too many characters for me to handle watching a full episode.

I watch the Brendan Brady storyline (which is also the Stendan storyline) on youtube here. Start off with the 2010 playlist. You can also watch it on DailyMotion if you prefer. :)

Hope you enjoy!

JUSTICE! JUSTICE! YES! FUCK! SHIT! OH MY GOD!- Me watching Hollyoaks

John Paul, I mean, wow. James acting was heartbreaking. Thank fuck for Finn wearing that cologne. That’s right Nancy you call that shit! I was having a heart attack for Phoebe, I thought Finn was going to get her. I literally felt my heart stuttering when John Paul was trying to speak up. 

And fucking Diane trying to defend Finn


And then John Paul finally revealing the truth



Ste’s expressions watching John Paul :(. And I almost died.

Today’s e4 episode just PROVES what the writers of Hollyoaks are really capable of.

It makes me wonder why I’ve had to sit through so many shitty episodes of Fraser and the “”“gangsters”“” and Freddie fucking Roscoe jesus christ get them all off I want every episode to be this good!

James Sutton is such an amazing actor!