fit-hollyg said:

What are your main DO's and DON'T's for transforming your body like a bikini competitor?

That’s a good question and although I’m not an expert in this, for me I would say from my experience: Most importantly STAY HYDRATED. Always drink your water and NEVER EVER EVER SKIP MEALS. One of the hardest things for me was meal prep and proper planning. If you don’t prep your food properly and put yourself on a schedule, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The results come with consistency in your eating and your workouts. Make everyday an “On” day.

fit-hollyg said:

HI there! I tried to go to your instagram, but it keeps saying page not found... What's your IG?!

heeey!! omg sorry I must not have updated my url for that link when i changed my insta name

It is itsybitsyfit just like my fitblr name!