ooc; Sort of Greeting


I would make a separate account to avoid accidentally blogging replies to my primary blog, but then I would forget to check the different accounts. Actually it’s a miracle that I even systematically check the two characters I have now.

Oh well~ To those of you that have yet to see, I’m Rel-Ando (well, primary blog ID, that is). Or JJ for easy memory!

As you know, I roleplay Alfie Owens!

But I also roleplay an OC named Hollie Hopkins, please check her out~!




Donna met Hollie at a small cafe in town. They clicked instantly, as if they were mother and daughter. After a couple peices of pie and a water, Hollie has invited Donna to come and stay with her. Of course Donna said yes. So, she is having her mother ship her things to her new apartment and is going to live with Hollie and be a barista in her cafe for a while until she has figured out what the hell she’s doing in Cardiff.