First Things First.

When Matt and I decided we wanted to work with Fab on a sale of HollerD items, we kept it pretty modest: 5 Rockers, 12 Beam stools. Those stools didn’t last long…we sold out the first afternoon. Fab called and wanted to offer more stools, which was great news, except we only had enough lumber for the original quantity.

The Beam stools are hewn out of 8” x 8” solid pine beams, because Pine has a beautiful ring pattern and is lighter than other woods like Ash and Oak. While the beams aren’t rare, the nature of reclaimed lumber is such that sometimes what you want just isn’t available. After a full afternoon of calling most of our reclaimed lumber resources, as well as a lengthy search of Craigslist in Middle Tennessee, Lower Kentucky and Northern Alabama, we located enough pine to offer 10 more stools. (And not a moment too soon…Matt gets cranky when he has to wait by the phone.)

Above is a photo sent to us by the lumber yard (just in case we didn’t know what 150 linear feet of old barn beams in a pile looks like.) That unassuming stack of lumber is about to be turned into some bad ass stools. Just for you.

Tomorrow we’ll cut the beams down to size on our HUGE BANDSAW!

Design from some amazing Southerners, Matt and Melissa Alexander. They have participated in and supported Southern Design Concern efforts and continually create FANTASTIC pieces of furniture. Check out their limited time sale on Flash Sale: HollerDesign Limited quantity.
HollerDesign consists of husband/wife team Matt and Melissa Alexander. The two Southerners are inspired by rural forms and textures to create their rustic furniture, with an eye towards modern manufacturing and ingenuity.  

Welcome Customers!

A big HollerD howdy to all our customers! We are really excited about our sale, and are looking forward to making a big batch of Rockers and Beam stools in the coming weeks.

Matt and I agree, the best part of running a handmade furniture business is getting to know our customers! Sometimes we have them out to the shop during fabrication, and we like to share process photos with our Facebook and Twitter followers too. For our sale, we wanted to do something special for those of you who can’t come out and sit a spell. We’ll use this Tumblr site to document the fabrication of your furniture, from lumber procurement to CNC milling to hand charring (yes, a propane torch is going to get personal to with your new Beam stool!) 

Check back soon, we’ll be updating as much as possible. In the meantime, please friend us or follow us!