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While the band is busy working on the new album, we decided to release this video from one of the concerts on the recent tour. Enjoy!

KAMELOT Premiere Video for “Falling Like The Fahrenheit”

Symphonic metallers KAMELOT recently completed work on the third video from their critically acclaimed 2012 Steamhammer/SPV release Silverthorn.

The video for the song entitled “Falling Like The Fahrenheit” can be seen here:

The video was directed by Ville Lipiainen (Nigthwish, HIM, Apocalyptica) and filmed at the band’s sold out appearance at the famed 013 Venue in Tilburg, Holland.

The band is currently in the studio working on the followup to Silverthorn. A massive WORLD TOUR will follow starting in early 2015.

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Flights booked

Thanks to Andy getting a pay rise we have booked our flights to Italy in March. Nine days of Italian fun. I’m going to eat sooo much pizza and gelato!

Additionally we decided to book some long weekends with the remainder of Andy’s leave. So in November we are going to Amsterdam and in January we are going to Berlin.

I’m unbelievably excited to see so much of Europe this year.

Thank you cheap flights - it’s literally costing us the same as the return train fair down to London to get a return to Amsterdam and a return to Berlin. Italy was twice as much, but we couldn’t be any more flexible on dates so we had to deal with it.

We won’t have any money left for anything else now that might pop up but I’m fine with this - it’ll be worth it!!

I Miss You

I miss your hug
Your warmth
Your pressing your body against mine
Your face digging into my hair and feeling your chest up and down up and down
I miss your eyes, blue when we were near the water; where you felt as natural as ever or green against the kitchen floor or the chill out room walls where our memories held there are the ones I’ll never forget.
I miss your gaze, as if I was something you just couldn’t believe
I miss your nose against my neck, breathing me in
I miss closing my eyes knowing that the last thing I saw was you, I miss even more knowing that you will be the first thing I see when I wake up
You changed me, in ways no one ever could, you built me up; making me believe I was as tall as building and as beautiful as a piece of art.
You are the song that won’t get out of my head, just like you said I was yours. My companion, my manipulative bitch and most of all my best friend.


-Annette Bross


Pretty Architecture presents: Glass houses S2E5

The Villa Sterk is a 5,059sqft home located in Bentebok, The Netherlands, just north of Heerenveen. Designed by Inbo, the home is a modern composition of concrete finished with a natural white stone or stucco. 

High efficiency glazings allow for long expanses of windows to enjoy the magnificent views of the surrounding landscape while the heat and cold storage in the ground removes the necessity for gas. 

The architects also designed the home with a series of long narrow strips of solar collectors in the landscaped garden to reduce the home’s footprint on the environment.


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