Instrument of Surrender of All German Armed Forces in Holland, in Northwest Germany including all islands, and in Denmark, 5/4/1945

From the series:  Instruments of German Surrender, 5/4/1945 - 5/10/1945

This is the instrument with which all German armed forces in Holland, northwest Germany, Frisian Islands, Heligoland, Schleswig-Holstein, and Denmark surrendered. It was signed by British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery and Hans-Georg von Friedeburg, Commander-in-Chief of the German Kriegsmarine.

so today here in the Netherlands we remember all the victims of world war 2

and because of that, we have 2 minutes of silence every year.

today me and a friend went to a movie around that time, so they stopped the movie and held a 2 minute silence.

it was very nice as everyone was silent, even some little kids.

except some girls who decided to laugh….

but, as soon as the silence was over, some guy instantly commented on them being disrespectful and rude. too which everyone agreed.

(+1 faith in humanity)