“Ian doesn’t love Mickey.” Ummm, no.

- In 1x09, only two episodes after they become fuck buddies, Ian ran to Mickey for comfort when his mother came back.

- In the same episode, Ian comforted Mickey after he got shot, putting himself between Mickey and the gun.

- Ian threatened Kash, his recent lover, to put money in Mickey’s commissary account and make sure that he was taken care of.

- When Mickey gets out of juvie, Ian was there to greet him with the goofiest, lovestruck expression you’ll ever see.

- Ian offered to get Mickey a job and discussed the possibility of getting vocational training because he cared about Mickey’s wellbeing and future.

- Ian tried to convince Mickey not to kill Frank (and tried to convince Frank to stay quiet about catching them together) not because he actually cared about Frank’s life, but because he wanted to keep Mickey out of juvie.

- Despite the truly painful things Mickey said in 2x08, Ian readily took him back when he got out of juvie.

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Shameless - Season 5 Finale - Advance Preview: "It Ends With A Bang and You Might Be The Casualty"

Something happens with Mickey, I can’t say, it’s something that may hurt you because this is like a last resort type of situation. The scene leads into the one where Mickey hits his head against the wall with Ian’s photo as featured in the promo. This short scene is powerful, its an emotional breakdown of Mickey’s character and in that moment watching him, I honestly felt so bad for him. Another scene you’ll be glad its short (like this sentence)

Things with Monica aren’t going to get easy, Ian in the back of his mind knows this and he will come to this realisation. Monica’s boyfriend is bad news, the dude has serious anger problems, one word will set him off.
Like last week, Monica had some poignant things to say to Ian, she will have the same in this episode. Theres a scene between them against the backdrop of a starry night sky that in the moment makes Ian realise some things.

Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan have a scene together, its going to kill a lot of you, things you want are said and things you don’t are said. Some of the things Mickey says are going to make you ecstatic, it’s what a lot of you have wanted, Noel was brilliant in this scene, the way he said certain words will make many of you happy. Seriously he enunciated his words so smooth. Ian asks Mickey some tough questions regarding his bipolar disorder. Also if you’ve been wondering about those promotional photos where Mickey’s running, its a really touching moment, like love story type of moment. A moment of Ian talking in this scene broke my heart, Cameron Monaghan’s acting is unbelievably good, so effortless, he needs to win an award for his performance this season, this episode alone is beyond award worthy. [x]

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We can't just assume Connor is in Perth with Troye tho

ok yes but

  • we couldn’t assume connor was going to go to sydney for nye with troye
  • we couldn’t assume connor was having a little vacation in NZ with troye
  • we couldn’t assume they would be together all during playlist and leave together
  • we couldn’t assume troye stayed over connor’s house often and spent almost every day together while living in LA for more than a month
  • we couldn’t assume troye stole connor’s beanie a lot
  • we couldn’t assume connor would fly back with troye to Australia a week before amplify starts
  • we couldn’t assume connor is staying at the mellet’s house in perth rn

im done with all these ‘you can’t assume…’ bc you know what? all of our assumptions have turned out to be not far from the truth, and being a shipper this is what we like to do. so yes we’re assuming, im not saying it’s fact obviously, but im saying im pretty damn sure based on the patterns of these two :-)