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#apartmentboy update!!! So he got back from his holiday and stuck to his word about taking me out... He picked me up (basically he went to my floor level) and we walked to this little Italian restaurant, and he was being all cute and feeding me spaghetti :') Afterwards we walked to this independent cinema and saw Big Eyes (which was awesome btw guys). We were walking home at night and it was freezing so he was a gentlemen and gave me his jacket and all that cont...

cont… We spoke about where we stand in whatever this thing was. We haven’t kissed or anything yet, but we could both tell there is feelings there; He turned to me and said “You know, when i was away, all that i could think about is how much i miss you” He opened up to me a lot & i kinda just realised that i need to stop being afraid of relationships and just go for it… sooooo i kissed him. And he kissed me back, hard.

omg so I just found this in my inbox when I was clearing it out and wow i can’t believe i never saw it i’m so sorry so this is supposed to be before the last update anyway i’ll just post it for everyone sorryyy


Here is a barrage of pictures of me being unapologetically brown af because basic white hoes at coachella think its okay to temporarily try on holy elements of desi tradition since its in style while our mothers are being called dotheads and terrorists for expressing their actual heritage. Wearing bindi/mehndi (henna)/etc if you’re not desi is appropriation, plain and simple. My culture is not your costume. #reclaimthebindi


This is a nightmare. And nightmares e n d.