Palma 2014 - Let the Countdown Begin!

Yesterday first year travel and tourism students took to the stage to present their Welcome Party. The students all took turns to inform the audience about Palma as a tourist destination. This also forms part of the assessment for the students and they receive grades for this towards their BTEC National qualification…see learning CAN be fun!

Both the first and second year students will be travelling to Palma on the 17th March 2014 and staying for 4 nights and 5 days. Whilst there they will be carrying out the varied duties of an Overseas Travel Rep, A Tour Guide and an Entertainer for Holidaymakers. This will also give the students a chance to demonstrate what they have learnt in class and will be great for them to talk about in future interviews for a career in the travel industry. 

OK, that’s enough teacher talk for you! I’m going to hand this blog over to the students who will fill you in on the rest ;-) 

Mrs Gibson 

Course Leader

Travel & Tourism at Bolton 6th Form College—Tourism.aspx

Sad times but an eye opener.

Back at winter training and I felt at home. Training really didn’t go to plan though. One of my best pals from the summer came to do a winter season with me and another of his friends. We all wanted the same resort and I really wanted the same place as the year before. This plan didn’t happen, I was sent to one resort and the guys got sent to another. Gutted was an understatement.

I think from day one I felt like I didn’t want to be there. The resort was OK but nothing on my first season (strange as I have now been working in this resort for five seasons, it’s a second home to me). The season did not last long for me as a rep, my manager, in my opinion, was awful. I mean I didn’t not get on with her, out of work she was great fun, but in work it was her way or no way at all. One day I just had enough, ‘stick your job and here is my resignation’. As I left the apartment to tell my friends the good news I felt so happy and free and then it hit me what am I going to do now? Luckily I fell on my feet. My father always said if I fell in shit I would come out smelling of roses, and this time I did, landing a bar and PR job on the day I handed in my resignation, result!

Moving day, I had the best lay in whilst all the reps were at the airport for arrival day, not me. I had blagged a couch for the rest of the season at a pals place and life was good. I remember this day so clearly. Having moved most of my stuff, I walked down the road with my tunes playing, the sun beating down and snow everywhere. Could life be any better? I thought I would use the free internet at the reps apartment for the last time. A message appeared on the screen, it was my sister, 'why are you not answering your phone?’ I had forgotten to tell everyone I had a new number. The phone rang and it was my sister. The news hit me like I was in a car crash, tears running down my face and the feeling of being so happy moments before came crashing down. My Nan had passed away.

I felt so alone and I had never felt this far away from home.