always put pressure on myself during the holidays, especially with my birthday in the holiday season I always feel pretty cautious about my appearance, and for a first this year I literally told myself “Focus on enjoying the holidays this year” because this year is the first out of 3 years I’m doing good in the holiday season.

So, I thought I’d share a couple of reminders I’ll be telling myself this season

  • It’s expected - We’re all rushing around doing errands, out of our usual routines, eating differently than our standard meal plans - it’s normal. 
  • Relax - Forget what those tacky tabloids say about body image! It is perfectly normal as a female for your weight to fluctuate throughout your life. Think about it; we have babies, we go through break ups, we go through life changing experiences, we go through dedicated training periods, etc.
    You are a human being, not a doll. It’s perfectly fine to enjoy indulging yourself from time to time. 
  • Keep it in moderation - You are allowed to treat yourself, just keep it at a balance. E.g, do not eat half a chocolate fudge cake because of YOLO because you will feel sick half an hour later. 
  • Your clothes feeling tight is NOT the end of the world - It’s absolutely fine. I remember being 13 in floods of tears on my bedroom floor because my jeans didn’t fit and hating my body. But, it’s alright. Slowly get back into being active again and tell yourself that you may have to live in sweatpants and leggings for a short period of time, as long as you keep moving forward you will be back to your original weight in no time.
  • Small changes make a big difference - Don’t add dressings, take a smaller plate option, fill up your plate with more fruit and veg, don’t add oils or saturated fatty food to your plate. 
  • Switch it up at the gym - An effective way to quickly burn off fat when pressed for workout time is to increase the intensity of your workout - run further, increase your speed, do a few more reps, move to a more advanced level. 
  • This is YOUR holiday, enjoy it! - You don’t have to allow body insecurities to ruin your day. What matters more in ten years is remembering whether you were happy celebrating your day than constantly worrying about your weight. Focus your energy on celebrating with loved ones, and you are allowed to enjoy food. You need it to survive and it’s a good thing to indulge yourself with good food from time to time

Happy holidays everyone, and Merry Christmas! Hope you all enjoy today with your loved ones!