Advert Evaluation


We were given to create an advert on product that’s other not selling anymore or not popular as it use to. As a group we decided to base out product on ‘Horlicks’ as it’s a malt drink thats not on shop shelves anymore. We started off our production by doing some research on our chosen product to get some information about the history of ‘Holicks’ and the makers of the hot drink. On the pre-proctuion stage, we thought about the outline of the advert so that we know how to create the advert. We then design the storyboard to have an idea of what each shot should  be, we done the proposal, treatment and finally, the location for the advert.

Our advert idea was about a business man that been working too hard to ever  have time to relax, the wife then notices how tired his husband is and decided to make him some horlicks in order to relax. After the husband took a sip of the drink, he enjoys and in the end, we see him relaxed and watching tv with his wife. In order to accomplished this task, we had to the find the perfect location to film our advert and we al decided to do in Sam’s house. We were able to take some nice shots of the husband doing some work and close up of the wife making the hot drink. There were some natural lightning coming from window which made the  lighting of the shot to look effective. During the editing stage, i made my advert simple so that audience will be able to understand  the aim of our product which to buy the hot drink. in the advert, I included the stages of making a horlicks drink to show the simplicity of making the drink and i wanted the outcome of my advert to be similar to the ones you see on Tv. For example, i watched ‘Holicks advert as an inspiration, and I’ve noticed that, they show the audience how to make drink and the effect of the drink, so i wanted to use that similar technique into my own advert. The music in the advert worked really well with the video because it made the advert cheerful and happy, portraying that after having a horlicks drink will  brings a smile to your face which was shown on the advert after the husband tried the drink.

However, we did face some difficulties such as, the camera moving a lot during filming which made the shot unclear. In the end we noticed that some shots were not in focused during the editing stage on our advert. We didn’t have enough time to plan the whole adverts which lead to missing out some shots, for example, the husband being in his office. We took a lot of footage that were not relevant. For example, filming the shot where the wife is using the microwave to warm the milk and taking different angles of the man walking thought the door. Which i personally think were pointless. Our powerpoint of our advert could’ve improve a bit more by adding more information about our chosen product. If i had the chance to do my advert again, i would make sure that footage are in focused before moving on to the next task, plan out our shoot scrip properly so that we follow whats written as this wouldn’t cause us to film scene thats we don’t need. But, overall, i think we did good job because the audience understood our product, we accomplished our target and we took an unselling product, each added our own ideas and we made a product  that everyone might want to have.