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hug meme

    They’re not close as two people should be in this situation. But
    he guessed it doesn’t really matter now as he watches the
    other man crumple to the floor like a bloodied tissues. Looking
    like a man who has lost everything in one go. He feels like,
    he knows what it’s like to have a hole punched into your heart
    and have all your hope bleed out. Eli isn’t going to let it stay
    that way. Taking two steps at a time, he tosses his shield to
    the ground and rips his mask off. No, they’re not going to be
    two heroes wallowing in their woes tonight.

    His arm wraps around Matt’s shoulders to pull him tight against
    his chest as he sits on the cold ground of the alley. “I’m sorry,”
    He is. “I’m sorry, Matt.” 

    Tonight they’re two friends sharing the strife life and fate as
    pressed upon them. 

    Eli hugs Matt tighter, feeling him shake like a leaf through the
    leather of his costume. “I got you.”
Yes, I am High

We wanted to be in the sky.
Living like the heaven above, the angles I visit, when high.
I am always in the mood for you.
Your eyes,
Your touch,
Your lips.
My heart goes a little faster when you text back.
How can I stop dreaming about you?
Your distinct laughter and smell.
Those words kicked me and bruised like hell.
I would still do anything for you, my darling fool.
I am ready.
I’ve cried enough lakes and streams.
Have I not done enough to get on your team?
Go ahead rip my heart out.
Show me what love is all about.
I wanted everything more than your kiss.
I needed nothing more than your kiss.
It’s like a huge hole has been punched through my chest.
You take great chances and I take 7 packs of pills.
You mess up?
At least mine fulfils
I fucked it all up.
But I still want you to cover me in hickeys and perhaps I could make you moan uncontrollably.

I’m sorry

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Steven: (absorbs the lightning) aghhhhh (shoots the lightning back at thunder) Thunder: (hits a wall) owwww hacker it's your time to shine (shoots out a small robot and its starts hacking into all the iron hedgehog suits)

Sonic punched a hole in Thunders chest.

Every time you cross my mind, I get this bubble in my chest. It’s like there’s this hole right through my heart, I know that’s not possible, but that’s how it feels. 
When i think about you for too long, my stomach starts to twist. Out of fear, dread, love – I don’t know. All i know is that though I’ve trained myself not to actively miss you anymore, you still cross my mind more than you should. Seeing your face is like a punch in the gut, because it still takes my breath away.
—  Things better left unsaid by me