holdhopetight asked:

whats your favorite thing about living in england? would you ever want to visit the US? how are you?

hmm, I’d have to say the music here:’) and I’d love to visit the US so much, maybe a road trip or something, definitely New York. And I’m fine thankyou:)


Im on the phone right now with my Randi, and I’m pretty positive she fell asleep, now just hearing her breathe, picturing her beautiful face, her gorgeous smile, her innocence while asleep..it’s so cute. I love her. I love my girlfriend. Babe, your the best thing that’s ever happened to mee! I love you! 9-26-11 til death do us part :))))


Lmao Randi you tell me to write in your ask, almost as if I know how to do it! Idk how to get to that from my iPod! Wanna hear a joke? OH AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING GORGEOUS

I suffocate when your away from me, so much love you take from me..

I love and I will continue to love my girlfriend forever. Yes. she is the best girlfriend any guy could ever dream to have. There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for her. Assholes call it whipped, men& normal people call it love. Babe, if your reading this, just keep in mind that I’ll always be here for you, thick & thin, I’ll always be your shoulder to cry on and I’ll be there to wipe the tears from your cheeks and kiss your forehead..we were meant to be together, always and forever<3 I love you Randi. So much.