Hokey Wolf 04 Which Witch Is Which
Hey, this cartoon seems to be in better condition than the ones I’ve already seen. Not too much noticeable film damage here and the theme song seems to be intact whereas in other episodes, the theme song is missing.

Plus, the colors look far more vibrant here.

And we can just imagine Hokey Wolf and Ding-A-Ling taking advantage of this gag:

“I tell you, Ding, these ‘Hot Straws’ are certainly going to be an impressive sensation! Believe you me, getting coffee at Starbucks, 7-Eleven or wherever, without risking hot beverage stains on your fine dress!”

“Uh, Hokey, aren’t we animals? Aren’t we supposed to be technically naked?”

“Ding, to be honest about it, such is but a slight technicality! All we’re involved with is to call attention to the very concept … besides, Ding, they don’t call me Hokey Wolf for nothing!”

“I understand, Hokey … and believe you me, it’s gonna be rather more convenient to take our coffee in the travel mug! Who knows whether our lips might get burned?”

“Point taken, Ding!”


Hokey Wolf - Tricks and Treats

Now here’s an episode I probably haven’t seen yet. Either that, or I don’t remember seeing it, as I used to see some Hokey Wolf cartoons on Boomerang sometimes between shows.