the main difference between Gryffindors and Slytherins is when when their Hufflepuff friend wants to fight someone, the slytherin is like “DON’T YOU DARE LAY ONE FINGER ON-” whereas the gryffindor is cheering from the sidelines with popcorn like “YAAAS. SLAY THEM. YOU’RE SO BADASS BRO, YOU’RE SO FUCKING HOT RIGHT NOW DUDE. “

okay but guys

Kuvira is not a slytherin

she is a beautiful, damaged gryffindor

it is the entire reason she and Suyin clashed

Suyin, a humongous slytherin, chose family and property over her ideals and morals

this upset Kuvira, the gryffindor, because gryffindors are Ideals and Morals over People

if kuvira was a slytherin, she wouldn’t have betrayed su, because su would have been more important than her ideals

she wouldn’t have tried to kill baatar jr, because her people would be most important

also they parallelled korra and kuvira. both women were trying to shape the world to their ideals, not hold ultimate power (kuvira got carried away, but she initially didn’t give over power because there wasn’t anyone competent enough to take over, not because she wanted it for herself).


not all villians are slytherins

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I have a question :which manipulation technics each house is most likely to use?

Gryffindor: Emotional. Dramatic stories designed to tug at either your heartstrings or your sense of morality. Great at guilting people into things.

Ravenclaw: Logical. Can use facts and wits to make anything seem like the right choice. Mind fuck you into doing what they want.

Hufflepuff: The Puss ‘n’ Boots effect. So adorable and innocent, how could you say no to them? They will charm you out of the shirt on your back.

Slytherin: All of them.

Night of and Day after College Graduation
  • Slytherin:Went to a nice dinner with family and friends; departed with friends to go on one last adventure together, woke up in another state excited for life
  • Gryffindor:Stayed out too late with friends, woke up in a friend's backyard hungover, but surrounded by all their drunk friends; watched the sunrise
  • Ravenclaw:Forgot to turn alarm off, turned it off, and rolled back over to continue the celebratory sex they were having the night before
  • Hufflepuff:Went out with friends to their usual hang out spot, woke up at a reasonable hour, not hungover, and managed to make it in time to breakfast with the family

So I was thinking about those tongue-in-cheek posts about Hogwarts Houses that are like “So, uh, why are we dividing the kids up again?” and I started thinking what if there were actually practical differences for sorting the kids by personality? Such as catering to different learning styles in the classroom.

Like, Gryffindor classes are very hands-on and encourage kids to experiment and explore on their own.

Hufflepuff is more discussion-based and involves a lot of small-group projects that aren’t graded so much as evaluated by peers.

Ravenclaws have general topics and principles that need to be covered every year, but within that, each student is encouraged to learn in-depth about specific topics of their own interest.

Slytherins are very goal-oriented and while some competitiveness against each other is encouraged, they’re mostly rewarded for self-improvement. 

Just, you know, actual qualitative differences in the Houses.

Yes but please just imagine:

-Ravenclaws that skip history of magic and chill at the lake and discuss space and matter

-Ravenclaws that sketch/paint/draw wherever they are and wear odd artsy muggle clothes

-Ravenclaws that don’t know all the school books by heart but can explain the entire process of human evolution

-Ravenclaws that love poetry so much that they start quoting their favorite poems all day simply to annoy other people

-Ravenclaws that are NOT backstabbing

-Ravenclaws that don’t care about their grades

-Ravenclaws that have sleepover parties in front of the entrance to their common room because they’re all too drunk to answer the riddle correctly

-Ravenclaws that listen to the sweet sounds of heavy metal and hardstyle while studying

-Ravenclaws that are confused when others think Ravenclaws only like classic and jazz music

-Ravenclaws that have a great emotional intelligence and love playing the house therapist

-Ravenclaws that make technology work in their common room so they can all watch their favorite films and tv shows together

-Ravenclaws that use the common room as art gallery for all their paintings

-Ravenclaws that have friends in every house, because Ravenclaw is the most accepted of all the four houses

-Ravenclaws that are cool, friendly, fun and/or out-going

-Ravenclaws that are not the stereotype

-Ravenclaws that are actually like Ravenclaws should be: witty, intelligent, creative, original and open-minded