I remember touching one of the sows in those crates. She was red and big with fourteen piglets tussling off to the side. She flinched. I could feel a strange sense of horror deep inside me, but I pushed it down. I rested my hand on her back and, for one brief moment, she leaned into it and then jerked away, as if burned. She could not understand my sudden interest in touching her with gentleness, no pig in the pork industry does.

Anyone who can explain the rightness of a cage has never been in one, never felt the sides of it pushing and denying access to the natural world. They have not felt the frustration of nothingness, of being restricted, of being in a barren, empty world. When her instinct drives her to make a nest for her babies, she cannot. When her preference would be to nurse her piglets in a deep bed of leaves, she cannot. When she wants to run away from the humans who abuse her, she cannot. When she wants to burrow in straw with her sister and brother, she cannot. And when she is desperate to save her piglets, when they are taken forcibly from her at 2-3 weeks of age, when the wrongness of that separation is evident in her tense muscles and strange cries, she can do nothing to stop it. Everything done to her is an attempt at removing her from instinct and desire and what she wants and needs.

We know what happens to her piglets. They too will be stripped of their dignity and of their pigness. Then they will be killed and eaten by a species who does not need meat to survive. She will spend years in that cage, repeatedly artificially inseminated, repeatedly denied access to a nest and the outdoor world, repeatedly abused and repeatedly stripped of her babies.
I don’t need meat to survive. You don’t either. Pigs need to be allowed to express all that makes them them. And they cannot do that on a farm or in a place that sees them as roasters and production units. Since there are so many alternatives to pork, there isn’t any reason not to start choosing a compassionate diet now. Do it today, for the millions of sows denied true motherhood and the hundred million piglets turned into pork. We must honor who they are by not reducing them to what our palates desire.
Marji Beach - Animal Place Sanctuary. 

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Evidence of animal sentience is everywhere. Did you know that turkeys like to sing along to their favorite tunes? Or that hens talk to their babies before they are even born? Or that fish in fact feel pain akin to that of mammals?

These top ten amazing facts about animal sentience are sure to make you love and respect animals for how incredible they truly are (even more than you already do!).

1. Cows Get Excited When They Solve Problems

Image via skinnyde

In 2004, Cambridge University research demonstrated that young heifers were enthusiastic and upbeat when they overcame problems and were able to reap a food reward. Their heart rate increased, and many of them bucked, jumped, or kicked in excitement when they solved the problem. When the same food reward was simply placed in the pen with them, none of the cows showed any signs of excitement whatsoever, proving that it was the problem solving and not just the reward which got them all jumping about!

2. Sheep Respond to Facial Expressions

Image via Eduardo Armarim

Sheep have an amazing ability to remember more than 50 individual faces from their flock even after two years of being separated. They also recognize and react to changing facial expressions of both sheep and humans. They are more relaxed when greeted by a smiling face and become anxious when they see another sheep in distress.

3. Turkeys Enjoy Music and Love to Sing Along

Image via jessamyn

Turkeys are intelligent animals that love listening to music and if inclined will even sing along. They are known to particularly enjoy the high notes and chirp in with their own little ab lib.

4. Goats Hate Being Alone and Cry When Separated From Their Friends

Image via Juick

Goats are extremely social creatures and hate being alone. Although they are herd animals, they tend to make special friends within the herd, and if they ever get separated they will cry and scream all day long until they are reunited.

5. Hens Communicate With Their Chicks Before They Hatch

Image via Key Lime Pie Yumyum

Hens and their offspring begin communicating before the chicks are even born, with the mother hen softly clucking to her babies, and the little chicks peeping back from inside their shells to let her know they will soon be hatching.

6. Octopi Are Masters of Disguise

Image via Eric Charlton

Octopi are able to survey their environment and work out the best way of disguising themselves. Mimic octopi alter their body shape to replicate other animals, whilst others murky the water with black ink so that they can slip away, and some have even been known to pick up shells, rocks and coconuts to disguise themselves. They are extremely perceptive and can analyze the environment and plan out a complex attack or getaway method using these tools.

7. Female Foxes Help to Rear Each Other’s Cubs

Image via Matt Tillet

Vixens have been known to get assistance rearing their cubs by a non-breeding sister or daughter. These ‘aunts’ gain valuable parenting experience which in turn helps them to raise their own successful litter the following season.

8. Newborn Piglets Run to Their Mother’s Voice

Image via crispyking

Pigs are very family-orientated animals and within moments of leaving the womb, piglets head straight to their mother’s face where they rub noses and officially meet for the first time. After that, whenever mom calls out, the piglets come a runnin’.

9. Rabbits Build Incredible Mazes

Image via Mark Philpott

Rabbits (as well as other burrowing animals) are capable of constructing huge labyrinth-style underground systems which are also known as warrens. These warrens have specific passages for eating, sleeping, storing food, entry and exit, and even for emergency escape from predators.

1o. Fish Have Pain Receptors Strikingly Similar to Those of Mammals

Image via moonjazz

Everyone agrees that other mammals feel pain just like humans do, but there is a common misconception that fish do not. In fact, fish have complex nervous systems and pain receptors which trigger the release of endorphins in response to physical injury. Pain is an evolutionary survival mechanism as all animals need to be able to respond to physical dangers whether in the water or on dry land.


I love this scene from Tome Wan, I think it’s totally underrated…

  • The shots of her getting dressed could be risky in a show that has a strong female presence, but it’s so well done. It is ALL about Margot but does not satisfy the male gaze, it forces you to think about what Mason has done to her in the close ups of her scars and not overtly gratifying shots of an actress in her underwear. 
  • Margots hospital room has the red walls which are echoed from Hannibal’s office, shows Hannibal’s continued influence on her story, he planted the idea of a child into her head then took it away. 
  • That’s another thing as well, at this point, Will knows what Hannibal did, he knows this is all probably just as much Hannibal’s fault as Masons, because Mason would have no idea if it weren’t for Hannibal. It shows his complete restraint. 
  • Margot is given pride of place in this scene, Hannibal and Will are afterthoughts in it in terms of where they’ve been positioned. There is a huge emphasis on the symmetry of the way people sit and have conversations to show their mental state and there is none of that in this scene. You have no idea what Hannibal and Will are going to do, regardless they cannot discuss it with Margot. 

So yeah, this scene rocks. 

This picture was taken outside a butcher-shop in Barcelona, Spain. This is how Spaniards “decorate” the windows to entice people to buy meat for the Holiday season. Source

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? I am so fucking disgusted.

But if you eat meat and you find this disgusting too…guess what, this is what you eat. You eat babies, and mothers and fathers and yes it SHOULD bother you.

According to slaughter plant worker, Tommy Vladak, “After they left me, the hogs would go up a ramp to a tank where they’re dunked in 140° water. By the time they hit the scalding tank, they’re still fully conscious. ” They get up to the scalding tank, hit the water, & start kicking & screaming. A rotating pushes them under. I am not sure if they burn to death before they drown, but it takes them a couple of minutes to stop thrashing.”

Your bacon was a sentient being. She or he endured unimaginable suffering before she was killed for your fucking tastebuds.

Stop supporting animal cruelty. Go Vegan. And for the bacon lovers out there: Cruely Free Veggie Bacon