Ghirardelli, Caffarel, Hofbauer, and Küfferle Are All Subsidiaries of Lindt

Lindt donates to Autism Speaks, which if you haven’t heard about yet is a truly evil organization that openly supports the torture of autistic people through electroshock therapy in order to “cure” them. They spread misinformation about autism and their programs encourage the perception of autistic people as mentally ill. I’ve seen articles discussing how the messages of Autism Speaks have contributed to parents murdering their autistic children.

Don’t believe me? Do a 30 second google search on the subject and it will pop right up. 

If you want the news from the horses mouth go to this page and type “ECT” into your find bar. It will take you right to the sentence where they talk about using electroshock on autistic kids.

The WHO has called for a worldwide ban of ECT therapy.

There are plenty of great and much more informative tumblr posts about the issue out there, though. The main point of my post is to inform people who wish to boycott Lindt of the subsidiaries. Do not support any of these chocolate brands, they all have funding that ultimately goes back to Autism Speaks.

Lena Inken Schaefer
“Die Tage sind lang, die Nächte kalt / The days are long, the nights are cold”

With texts by Jan Brandt, Roman Ehrlich, Hanna Lemke, Nils Markwardt
and Dominikus Müller
Design: Till Sperrle (ITF)
224 p. (112 color), 19x12,5 cm, german / english
argobooks 2015
ISBN 978-3-942700-61-0

26.02.2015 8 pm
with DJ Damien Cadio
Book presentations by Quirin Bäumler, Katerina Belkina, Katja Eydel, Andreas L. Hofbauer, René Luckhardt, Olaf Holzapfel, Franziska Hufnagel, Lena Inken Schaefer, Alexander Klenz, Johannes Rodenacker, Franziska Rutishauser, Ben Sleeuwenhoek

Kosmetiksalon Babette
Bar in der Karl-Marx-Allee 36
10178 Berlin




224 páginas
Tamaño A5
B/N - Portada color
Textos en castellano e inglés
Incluye 2 poster en tamaño A2

Abraham Díaz (mx), Agnieszka Piksa (pl), Álvaro Nofuentes (es), Amanda Baeza (pt), Anna Ehrlemark (se), Andrés Magán (es), Berliac (ar), Carles GOD (es), Carlos Gonzales Boy (es), Carlos Santonja (es), Cegado (ve), Daniel Cantrell (it), Diego Gerlach (br), Don Rogelio J (es), Helmut Kaplan & Edda Strobl (at), Igor Hofbauer (hr), Laura Holdein (es), Leo Quievreux (fr), Martín López Lam (pe), Mou (mx), Muriel Bellini (ar), No Tan Parecidos, Pedro Franz (br), Peter Jojaio (es), Rafa Blanco (es), Roberta Vázquez (es), Santi Z (es), Stark Attila (hu), Ulli Lust (at), Victor Dvnkel (es)

Hochzeitsfotografie und das Budget

Hochzeitsfotografie und das Budget #Photo #Hofbauer #Hochzeit #Budget

Wir haben ein sehr interessanten Artikel im Blog von Hofbauer gefunden.
Es geht darum wie das den so mit dem Budget für den Fotografen an der Hochzeit ist.
Selbst hat Barbara vor zehn Jahren ihrem Thorsten das Ja Wort gegeben, sie verzichtet damals auf einen Professionelle Fotografen.
Sie erklärt in ihrem Blog warum Sie dies getan haben und Sie sich bei heute darüber ärgern.
Es fehlen die tollen…

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Ediciones Valientes killing it with this issue of Kovra. Include a short story about a steal by me, and many many amazing comics and posters by Igor Hofbauer, Guerlach and Abraham Diaz. Maybe I am missing something but I still haven’t got my copy. More info and pics here!