my thoughts exactly …. we’re all woman and adults …. masturbation is a natural and healthy thing … if they dont agree they can just not do it … no reason to retaliate as they did… 

 hoesocean answered: less inhibitions, giggles, hallucinations, slight nausea, I loved it . If you work your way up from small doses it reduces risk of a bad trip

Ooo what did you hallucinate? Hehe, just curious! And yeah I thought of that anyways! Thank you, glad I got a positive on it, you’ve most certainly calmed my expectations of it completely fucking my mind over. 

hoesocean said:

omg i heard Tegan and Sara on the radio today. so way reminded me of you (that's not meant to be creepy, just cause you reblog a lot of their gif sets and stuff) and omg I'm going to get into them now. can you recommend any of their songs?

:3 !!! :D!!! I thought you were a fan already ‘cause of your URL. They have mentioned the ocean in many of their albums. So, because of that I’ll recommend you listen to “The Ocean” XD

Ok, ideally just listen to everything! (Or at least start with their albums If It Was You, So Jealous, The Con, Sainthood and Heartthrob) But, here’s a list of songs I love off the top of my head by album:

Heartthrob: I Couldn’t Be Your Friend, I Was A Fool, Drove Me Wild, Now I’m All Messed, Closer, Shock To Your System

Sainthood: Alligator, Northshore, Red Belt, Hell

The Con: Soil Soil, Back In Your Head, Call It Off, Nineteen, the Con

So Jealous: Where Does The Good Go, I Know I Know I Know, So Jealous, Walking With A Ghost

If It Was You: Not Tonight, Living Room, Monday Monday Monday, I Hear Noises


“My Number” “This Is Everything” and “Video” (a song they did with Morgan Page)

Ok… so this is a big list. They have a lot of records! :P But, if you give me another artist you like or “mood” , I could give you more specific recommendations. :D


ahhhh ok but if they did that then they woud need to use their hands to get it to their mouth to drink i t… unless they had one of those long straws like in those drinking hats then i guess it would be fine ….

and HELLO to you too ^^