Happy Hollow

Yesterday Mike (le boyfrand) and I hopped in his red Jimmy, espresso in hand, and headed northeast toward Hocking Hills. We jammed out to Pandora’s “The Xx” playlist and were all too proud to see that we no longer needed a GPS to wind through the rolling hills to reach our favorite park, Conkle’s Hollow. We’ve been hiking together since spring of our freshman year and it never, ever, gets old. -km.

If you’re in the Athens region and own (or know someone who owns) a car, I seriously suggest taking a couple of hours to explore Conkles Hollow (pictured above), one of the best of the already incredible Hocking Hills State Parks. The park is perfect for both an easy or a rigorous hike, and the sights are insane. Note: the upper trails at Conkles Hollow are dangerous. Do not bring children, pets, or beer. I also don’t suggest going in the icy winter.

Hiking, taking the scenic rout, and kicking back in the grass with a rolled sweater under my head are all ways that I make my days fresh and bright. It’s a joyful and humbling experience to be silenced by nature’s beauty, and it’s free of charge.

If you don’t have three hours to get lost in the woods today, take 20 minutes for yourself to find some balance and inner peace.