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"So, are you an asshole to everyone all the time or am I just the exception?" (Patrick Kane)

“Patrick, I need the car keys.” You were able to get out through clinched teeth.

Patrick shrugged and raised his hands. “Sorry babe, I have no idea what happened to them.”

You narrowed your eyes at him, he was seating on the couch watching some history channel special. 

After living with Patrick a few months and dating him for two years, you knew exactly when he was genuinely clueless, which was very often, or when he was just being a pain in your ass. Which right now, in this very moment when your car keys have gone missing, you could tell he was just being a pain.

“I have a quick question.” You snapped, feeling that you were losing your calm composure after a 10 minutes of this.

Patrick looked up you interested, lowering the volume of the TV.


“So, are you an asshole to everyone all the time or am I just the exception?” You replied, the sentence had started off in a calm tone, but by the end of it you were shouting.

Patrick’s eyes widened as he quickly notice the mistake he had made. “The keys are in the cabinet above the sink.”

You nodded your head, moving to turn away, before he whispered out.

“Should I go out and buy chocolate and some pain relievers?”

You looked back at him and nodded your head, “That would be great babe.”

send me a players name and a line of dialogue, quote, or lyric, and I’ll write a blurb

To every single hockey fan here on tumblr, whether we’ve had an interaction or not, I want to thank you for making my first season as great as it is. There’s so much that’s happened, I still can’t believe the season’s over, but thank you for making it worthwhile, crazy and stressful as it might have been. Here’s to more seasons to come!

Hockey asks:

1. Favorite team?
2. Least favorite team?
3. Second-favorite team?
4. Favorite rivalry?
5. Any rivalries in your family?
6. Best-looking uniforms/logo?
7. Favorite goal horn/song?
8. What hockey merch do you own?
9. Favorite hockey memory?
10. Olympic hockey or NHL hockey?
11. Which Olympic team do you root for?
12. Which legends do you wish you could have grown up watching?
13. When/how did you first get into hockey?
14. Favorite current player(s)?
15. Favorite players of all time?
16. Least favorite player(s)?
17. Least favorite player(s) on your team?
18. Favorite hockey movie?
19. If you could have any jersey, which team and player would you choose?
20. Favorite hockey city?

I’m like not even older than the guys who just got drafted to the NHL

but I’m still so worried about them

they’re so young

DO YOUR JOB sez Cap and I do cuz the Pats fuckin rule.  Cant wait for football season…. Im already into hockey and baseball and I talk about it all da time with ppl at work.  Yesterday was all abt the NHL draft and how it was so fucked up and th day before was all like yo I watch the Red Sox now and i fuckin love baseball and I watched a whole game and the Sox fuckin won an now its the Pats brah…. Pats all th fuckin way.  Gotta get some gear.  Gronk rules, hes a fuckin idol of mine.  He lives a good fuckin life an look how fuckin strong he is.  Sumday Ill be as strong as Gronk.


I’m going to give the 30-day NHL challenge a go… I’ll start with explaining why the Pittsburgh Penguins are my favourite team. It’s a long story but I’ll try to conclude it. I was originally a Maple Leafs fan, highlight reel after highlight reel of Mats Sundin and one of my favourite players of all time – Börje Salming (yes, I’m Swedish). The highlights were mostly videocassettes but I later on started watching them on YouTube. I grew up with hockey all around me, I spent my spare time at the rink figure skating and playing pond hockey, and all of my summers were spent in Toronto – so the Leafs were the local go-to team. Around 2005-2006, there was such a hype about Sidney Crosby, obviously because that was the year he was drafted, I ignored it but the hype kept on going. In 2007 I gave in and watched more highlights of him. Highlights lead to interviews – and I realised what talent he had and what an amazing person he seemed to be. I kept on watching highlights of the entire team after that – and since I wasn’t keeping up with the Leafs any longer, the pens became my favourite team. And Sidney Crosby became my role model – the one I looked up to, and still look up to since that year. I’m now 17 years old going on 18 – and my heart still beats just as much for that team. But I’ll always have a soft spot for the Leafs – that will never change, and I was thrilled when I heard that Mike Babcock was going to be the Leafs coach.

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Hello I am a very excitable fan that needs to watch hockey all the time so I can yell at my favourite players for being dumb. When I can't do that I get angry about other things like politics and rival teams and also admire how cute the canucks are

Why, good morning there, Friend!

Here’s where I started ( You can pick a country you want to focus on or if you just change ‘Today’s Games’ to ‘Upcoming Games’ and leave the Country as ‘ - select country -’ it’ll come up with everything.

Right now, there’s just the AIHL (Australian Ice Hockey League) and the New Zealand Ice Hockey League. Although, if you’re in the PDT as I am, you’ll be getting up at midnight to watch 5pm AEST games. BUT those are Sat/Sun games, which are Fri/Sat late nighters in my time zone, so it’s not as bad as it could be!!

Champion Hockey League ( starts their Group Stage Aug 20 - Sept 6. The rest of the schedule is as follows if you wanted to keep an eye on it over the NHL season.

1/16 Finals: First Game - 22 September 2015 / Return Game - 06 October 2015
1/8 Finals:       First Game - 03 November 2015 / Return Game - 10 November 2015
Quarter Finals: First Game - 01 December 2015 / Return Game - 08 December 2015
Semi Finals:     First Game - 12 January 2016 / Return Game - 19 January 2016
Final:             09 February 2016

KHL starts Aug 24 with their Opening Cup between defending champions SKA Saint Petersburg and finalists Ak Bars Kazan

But other than that, if you want exclusively Euro hockey, their seasons usually run parallel to North American Hockey or very close to

I suggest if you don’t mind getting up at an asinine hour to give the AIHL & NZIHL a try for the summer.

If anyone else has some suggestions, feel free to add!!!!

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So my crush is a dorky hockey player and he has curly brown hair and big Bambi eyes and big full lips that are SUPER kissable and he speaks French & English fluently and he's really tall and looks really nice w/o a shirt on and he's super sweet and let's me wear his sweater (hockey jersey) all the time and I just really like him a lot (◡‿◡✿)

Oh my gosh, that’s adorable!!!