So a while back I made a masterpost for people wanting to get into Fancy Stats. So instead of constantly responding to messages I have got around to creating a long masterpost: If you would like to be added to the tumblr users, throw me a nice message. On with the shows!

So you want to get into fancystats?

Don’t understand a term? Glossaries! 

Cool! Now where do I get the stats? What is an extra skater?

Not sure if you want to get into it? Not sure on fancy stats at all?

Still stuck? Want to ask someone? 

There are plenty of people that are more than friendly to ask. Do not b scared! Berkshire might be known as “Jerkshire” but trust me, they are all very friendly. HEre’s my of the top list of twitter people who you can ask.

Andrewberkshire (Ignore what Dangle said he’s a friendly guy) / RegressedPDO / ShutdownLine / ArikParnass / MimicoHero / theactivestick <—another great female writer / ml_han <—guy who used to run Number Cruncher on the Canadiens website. / ngreenberg / happycaraT / robelbaz. / Most SbNation bloggers minus BattleOfCali are open to ask.  I float around EoTP and any questions, help or discussion the people there are pretty nice. Stay away rom BattleOfCali though. Trust me. 

…But I don;t have twitter and bigger forums scare me! What about tumblr???

  • Steve Dangle has a tumblr. the url is pretty obvious -> stevedangle
  • My inbox is always open
  • hastybooks is a not just a genius fanfiction writer.
  • lahs-ellah will probably say “I DON’T KNOW ANYTING” but trust me, she’s just as smart as me. 
  • There’s probably others. Feel free to add yourself onto this list if you 

I like Books.

What about other leagues?

  • Mimicohero - Posts random Fancy stats of the KHL
  • KHL Stats page - Might not have your CF but it has your TOI amongst other things for basic work. 
  • There is probably more. But I am not aware of them. I do not know the SHL very well other than “Laugh at modo”

I shall keep this updated hopefully but for now, Have fun x 



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