In 2014, Jonathan Toews and Canadian Tire created a commercial that celebrated the coaches, rinkflooders and volunteers in his community that helped him achieve his goals growing up. To honour Hockey Canada’s 100th Anniversary, Canadian Tire and Hockey Canada are celebrating 100 ‘Heroes of Play’ across Canada that enable hockey in their communities. Jonathan is contributing his jersey from the commercial so that it can be cut into pieces and sewn into 100 red jackets that will be awarded to each ‘Hero of Play’. It connects the highest level of hockey to its grassroots because we all play for something bigger than ourselves: We All Play For Canada.

Why The Clip from NHL15 of the 3 Girls Taking Selfies Is Sexist: A Mathematical Explanation

So today I got into an argument regarding the fact that in the NHL 15 Gameplay trailer that was released recently, they feature a snapshot of three women taking selfies at the game:


I said it was sexist because the only fans that are shown to be taking “selfies” instead of watching/cheering for the game like the rest of the fans are female. This goes back to the whole “fake female sports fans” stereotype, where men actually care about the sport, while women are ~fake fans that don’t know any of the rules and are only there because either their boyfriends dragged them along or because they want to feel ~cool and impress their friends by being A Sports Fan. 

But one of my male friends disagreed with me. He said that it was unrealistic to get upset over only three instagram snapshots, because he was sure that the actual gameplay included more than just women taking selfies, and that we should wait until we had a “larger sample size” to make judgements.

I’m going to disprove that statement, using basic math and statistics.

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