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Make Yours A Happy Home by popfly.

AU. Tyler watches him high five the other parents as he takes his place on the bench, and then he looks down at the guy’s daughter, who is beaming up at him, and feels like his chest is caving in.

Well, fuck.

Read Between The Lines by kriari.

“We’re taking it there,” Jeff says in a rush, words tumbling over each other in his haste to get them out. “Next season. Right now it’s a loose sketch at best, you know, but it’s looking like things will kick off at the end of 5A” There’s a pause followed by a swallow, then a breath. Tyler could kill Jeff right now. Maybe even with his bare hands. “Between Derek and Stiles.”

Who Are You, Really? by qthelights.

Doesn’t matter that Dylan does it with his mouth, his eyes, the way he uses his body as an instrument. It might as well be a split-finger fastball from the bottom of the ninth for the difference it apparently makes. The tiny inflection of an eyebrow, curl of a lip, or guttural tinge to a sarcastic barb and Tyler’s both jealous and turned on at the same time.

It’s Everything (About You) by preromantics.

AU. It’s different every time,“ Posey answers. "The point is Dylan makes a gross combination of stuff that you have to like, force yourself to eat, but then when you do it’s fucking delicious. Like magic.

Until We See The Sun by vlieger.

Tyler pinpoints Dylan taking over his condo to somewhere around mid-March.


Dylan&Hoechlin on Derek/Stiles scenes. (x)