"What’re you doing, daddy?" Jesse asks, squinting precariously—a trait she undoubtedly inherited from Castiel—at the half wrapped package resting atop Dean’s lap. 

"I’m wrapping a present for papa, baby," Dean answers as he struggles to break a piece of tape off from the dispenser with his teeth. 

Jesse blinks at that, entirely thrown off by the concept of receiving a present for anything other than a birthday or for Christmas. Today is neither of those things. Today is September 18, 2014. 

"Why did you get papa a present? It’s not his birthday, is it? Can I have a present? Did you get me a pressie too, daddy?" A string of questions flow from Jesse’s mouth and she steps closer to investigate the plastic bag on the couch beside Dean—most likely to see if there is anything in there for her. 

Dean chuckles lowly at his daughter’s curiosity and shakes his head, finally managing to tape down one end of the square shaped gift. It isn’t pretty but it’ll do. 

"Today is me and papa’s anniversary," Dean explains, eyes still on his task. He only looks up when Jesse wriggles her way onto the couch and beneath one of his arms so she can get a better look. 

"What’s an aniversy?" Jesse inquires, struggling to say the word. 

"Anniversary, princess," Dean corrects. "Anniversaries are celebrated to remember a specific day, every year. So, six years ago today, is when papa and I met. So, it’s our anniversary. Get it? " Dean tries to explain but Jesse doesn’t seem to understand entirely—he can tell my the way her eyebrows furrow in confusion and the way her nose scrunches. 

"Okay," he sets the present down on the empty couch cushion to his left and scoops Jesse up onto his lap. "You know how we celebrate your birthday every year on April fourth?" Jesse nods excitedly at the mention of her birthday and busies herself with two handfuls of Dean’s shirt. 

"Alright, well it’s the same thing. Your birthday is the anniversary of the day you were born," he murmurs, pressing a soft kiss into her hair and smiling, "it’s also the anniversary of the day we became a family." 

Jesse blinks in realization and perks up once she realizes the importance of her birthday and thus, the important of her fathers’ anniversary. “What did you get papa?” She leans over, trying to grab the gift unsuccessfully until Dean picks it back up to show her. 

It’s a square shaped package wrapped in brown, butcher paper and secured with a blue ribbon and bow on the top. Dean thinks the shabby wrapping job gives it character; he knows Castiel wont mind. 

"I got him some books. We can go get some books for you tomorrow, if you want," he acknowledges, raising his eyebrows enticingly and grinning when Jesse nods fervently, saying something about them needing to be wrapped too. 

Later that evening, when Cas comes home from work and they all sit down to dinner, Dean breaks out the gift and slides it across the table. Before Cas can even pluck the card from beneath the ribbon, Jesse interrupts. 

"Daddy got you some books for your aniversy, papa," she says, smiling innocently. 

Dean’s mouth falls open at the ruined surprise, looking from Jesse to his husband before letting out a deep chuckle and shaking his head. “Happy anniversary, babe,” he shrugs it off, smiling as he leans over the table to capture Castiel’s lips in a chaste kiss that has Jesse making smooching noises in the background and giggling. 

Castiel smiles against his lips and cups his cheek delicately, looking into those big, green eyes as they part. Between the home-cooked meal, their daughter’s laughter, and Dean’s thoughtfulness, Cas is certain that life doesn’t get any better than this. 

"Happy anniversary, Dean."