Disneyland Trivia Time…

What was the name of the land within an official land at Disneyland?

Hobbyland in Tomorrowland

Take a look at the aerial photo of Tomorrowland. You can see the “Flag of the Nations” star where the Astro Jets would land in March 1956.

In the center (the blue pool) is “Hobbyland” which opened on September 4, 1955. There you could watch radio controlled boats race in the dark ring or watch tethered gas powered model airplanes fly while operators stood in the center ring. The small groups of circles are exhibit and merchandise booths standing underneath white fiberglass awnings.
When it finally closed in January 1966 it was replaced by a sidewalk.

Hobby Land on 182nd & Broadway is closing down after 70+ years :(
I used to love this store as a child. I recently started going there frequently for markers and shit. They have eveything on sale right now, I bought two spray cans, some canvas and other things for under $20. There are no other stores like this uptown it sucks they have go.


My dad said he probably wouldn’t put up our train this year, and I was noticably sad because I adore model trains. I would always go to Popes Hobbyland (before they closed down) and ask them to turn on the model trains they have hanging from the ceiling. Well, my dad must’ve saw how sad I was and he set it up anyways. I love this ol’ Lionel. We’ve had it for years. The only reason it looks shiny like it’s greasy is because of the smoke fluid we put in it to create real smoke.