Hobbit article in the german "Cinema" (October)

Hi! So many ask me about the Hobbit article in the “Cinema”. And as I said, there are not many spoilers, 
HOWEVER, one spoiler is for any Thranduil fans a little yummy  :D So, if you dont wanna know it, stop reading now.

I try it to quote it, please tell me, if my english is totally wrong. :)

Orcs and Elves fight at the foot of Erebor where the orcs are defeated by the elves. (YAY)

After the massacres looks Thranduil, King of the mirkwood elves, angry and sad at the same time on the fallen comrades and the dead orcs, (The scene in the trailer), as Gandalf pulls him out of his thoughts. The Wizard pleads Thranduil for help in the fight against the forces of darkness. But he replies just: “The elves have shed enough blood in this country already.” 

(Poor Thrandy *cry*  )
(Then Peters says: Thanks! XD )

The Elf on the Thranduil & Peter picture is not Legolas, I think it’s his Doubel.

Apart from that, it is talked about the set, that Gandalf loves the third part because it makes a connection to the “Lord of the Rings”, about Martin (Bilbo) and his chain-Mithril armor, ect. Nothing more about Thrandy ;)

I hope my english was good enough >.<


Musings on the Mother of Fili and Kili (Hobbit movie universe) *spoilers in post for people who haven't read the book*

Guys. Guys.

The fact that Kili mentioned his mother giving the stone is so bittersweet. Because I am willing to bet that Peter Jackson will deliver on this and we’ll see his mother Dis either at the funeral or if Tauriel survives the battle and returns Kili’s stone to Dis at home personally. And as painful as a Dis cameo would be in these circumstances, I really, REALLY hope that Peter Jackson includes at least a brief cameo of her. Because Dis deserves it.

When you think about it, Dis is a heroic woman of Middle-Earth, perhaps even more heroic than Eowyn, Arwen, or Galadriel. Because Eowyn survived the battle she had always dreamed of fighting. Arwen received her happier-ever-after marriage with Aragorn. Galadriel lived for a long time and peacefully sailed off to the Undying Lands.

But Dis had already lost her grandfather and her father (horribly, I might add), and now her brother was leading an expedition that stood to be very dangerous. The movies don’t mention Fili and Kili’s father, but I’m pretty sure that he had also died as well - I think if he were alive, he would have definitely “chaperoned” his sons and helped his brother-in-law reclaim Erebor at Dis’s insistence, if nothing else. Since their father was dead and unable to make the journey, Dis gave her youngest, most reckless son a stone to accomplish what his father would have done had he been traveling on the quest: 1.) encourage him during the journey, and 2.) remind him to “behave” so that he would survive to return to her.

Of course, most of us know how the story will end come this December. She makes the ultimate sacrifice, one that no mother ever wants to make, when she allows Fili and Kili to go with their Uncle Thorin to the Lonely Mountain. Dis is to me a true hero of Middle-Earth because even when she had already lost so much, she still took a risk and made a sacrifice to give her kingdom and people chance to rebuild itself in its rightful home. Dis had contemplated the dangers and placed her people ahead of her pain.

How strong would a Princess have to be to lose so much and make a decision that, even though it might benefit her people, might also cost her everything? Pretty strong, I’d say.

 And I want to see Dis honored on the big screen. She is only named in the LOTR Appendices and given only the briefest of mentions once or twice in the Hobbit book. But show her onscreen.

Put Dis in the movie, Peter Jackson. Honor her.

Honor her sacrifice. Honor her selflessness.

Honor the fact that her choice had just as much influence on Middle-Earth as the choices of Eowyn, Arwen, and Galadriel, only in Dis’s case the outcome wasn’t happy.

Let us see her cry on cousin Balin’s or Dwalin’s shoulder at the funeral scene. No Dwarf woman ever had more reason to cry than her.

Let us see her receive comfort from Tauriel or other Dwarves. She needs and deserves it.

For some people, their favorite Middle-Earth Princess is Arwen. Others will name Eowyn.

But my favorite Middle-Earth Princess is Dis of Erebor.


Today Reign Of Perdition decided to take a trip to Puzzlewood (Gloucester UK) as we were playing a show near by.

Apparently J.J.R Tolkien got his inspiration for ‘Mirkwood’ from Puzzlewood! It is a magical wood filled with winding paths, rock formations, twisting tree, lots and lots of moss and dead ends.



ok, but they were thoroughly searched by elves and then rode barrels down a river in just their pants and tunics but manged to hang onto at least one pipe, enough money to comfortable haggle with Bard and then pay him said amount, and the map and key for Erebor. 

Dwarf priorities, man.