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Why do medical schools like students to have lots of interests outside medicine?

Because medical schools and residency programs have learned that producing doctors who are all science and nothing else often doesn’t make for very relatable, compassionate caregivers. So they like to see people with varied interests to show that they can relate to people outside of the medical world (which is where most of our patients will be). Outside interests also provide docs with unique life experiences that influence their practices usually for the better. 

Also, it’s one thing to get a 4.0 GPA by becoming a library hermit. It’s quite another to maintain good grades and also be involved in the community and clubs and have fun. This carries over to practice as a doctor. Docs who don’t take vacations or have hobbies quickly get burned out. 


My Craft Nook 

I’ve taken a few days off this week for some Spring cleaning, and to catch up on my commissions. My first big project was to get my crafting nook ready to work in again. I can’t use the space during the winter because it’s above our entryway and doesn’t have heat. Now that the weather is nice again I wanted to get organized and re-decorate a bit! 

I haven’t completely replenished my yarn stash yet, but it’s so nice to have it all color coded. I have a few cameras from my collection hanging out along with my B hive sign that I welded. (Which reminds me, I never made an official post…)

For my desk, I used some antique wood boxes and metal hanging bowls I found to organize my tools and notions. The wood boxes hold my crochet hooks, scissors, and glue The bowls hold some of my jewelry making supplies. There are a couple of antique metal baskets as well on the floor to organize my other things, like needle felting wool, paints, cross stitch, and more. The last thing on my desk is my laptop, of course, for inspiration and blogging!

I’m so excited to be using this space again. It needs a few more decorations, but I’m feeling inspired already. :)

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Cutie pie, do you think the allies and axis have any secret hobbies or interests, please, dearie? C: xox Can't even explain how much I love this blooooooooogggggg.

((I’m so glad you like it, beautiful anon!))

China- I think he would be heavily leaning on his passion of art. It’s not a big secret he has an immense appreciation towards his country’s culture, therefore i think he’d enjoy things like painting and drawing in his respective style, and only ever expressing things he is very passionate about through his skills. Therefore i wouldn’t be surpsied if you found millions of stashed away drawings and paintings of yourself, some more appropriate than others.

Russia- Ice skating! I can really see him enjoying that sport so much. Seeing as his country was, well, at some points in hisotry quite literally made from ice, he would have had a good practice, and would be somewhat forced to enjoy this sport, especially giving proper footwear. He wouldn’t do it as much anymore though. He’s a little bit shy about it, always afraid he’s going to fall or make an idiot out of himself, but truth be told, he’s a master at it and would be going places of not his tenderness.

France- This isn’t as much of a secret one, but i think he has a passion for cooking. He’s never very closed about how he loves his food and how good he is at making it, and he never fails to rub it into people’s faces, too. But i think his adoration for the art would be much bigger than he would let on. I bet he has piles of cooking books and recipes scrapped out of old lady’s magazines, neatly locked off under his bed

England- God help him if anybody ever finds out, he is so incredibly shy and incredibly secretive about his hobby, that you might as well end up thinking he is hiding some MI6 business away from you. Writing. It wouldn’t come as a giant surprise, though. His love for literature isn’t secretive, however his own works are very much so. Never published, nor read, mostly history novels, based on true stories and his own adventures, of course, would be hidden in little nooks around the house, waiting to be found.

America- It is so rare that he would be shy about anything. However, i do indeed think he’d have a soft, weak spot for acting. He’d never admit it to anyone, even he himself isn’t sure why, but it’s something he has always been quite insecure about, scared of getting laughed at by the audience, or his friends, he preffered to keep it a secret. He’d acted in some musicals and plays way back when. But hasn’t been practicing his hobby in a very long time. However, days when he’s home alone, he’ll repeat the beloved parts he sang on stage, never forgetting a single lyric.

Japan- Cosplaying. He’s so in love with it, it’s unbelievable. And you would never guess, the always oh so shy and serious Japan, enjoys dressing up in all those big, outlandish costumes and taking it to the streets, convention centres and wherever there was to be some entertainment. It would never pass without a mask covering his face, though. It’s a thing he always enjoyed doing, whether for fun, or because his culture has had embedded history of it, or because it’s a time for him to become someone else. Even he isn’t quite sure.

Italy- I think he would be a giant football fan, very, very surprsingly. Maybe it’s that he is shy to admit he can get so worked up over games, or maybe it’s that he’s developed some complex over the years, where he tried to stay away from the typical ‘manly’ stuff as far as possible. But anyways, whether i’d be watching it on screen, he’d have his face painted his national colours, alone or with Romano at his side, just as exhilarated about the game as his brother. However i can totally see him out on the field, too.

Germany- Not a big secret that he’s a dog lover, what about the fact he goes to animal shelters to help out? Yeah. He’s that kind of guy, always expected to be all tough and buff, never having a sweet spot for anything, just being nonchalant and cool. But hell, he isn’t, and never was like that. On days when he’s sure no-one will call him, come looking for him or concern him in any way. He’d got into animal shelters, a dfiferent one each time, whether it be just to play with the puppies, or to help out with the work, he didn’t mind.

hobbies for the signs
  • aries:bowling, motorbiking, video games
  • taurus:hiking, canoeing, gardening
  • gemini:table tennis, puzzles, magic tricks
  • cancer:reading, collecting, sailing
  • leo:painting, dancing, making jewellery
  • virgo:writing, gardening, handicrafts
  • libra:music, shopping, painting
  • scorpio:yoga, antiques, mental games
  • sagittarius:camping, learning new languages, card games
  • capricorn:chess, visiting museums, pottery
  • aquarius:comic books, photography, origami
  • pisces:poetry, gymnastics, drawing