pipermissesmcr asked:

Precum & is like "oh no! You're leaking Daddy." & starts licking it up & starts sucking the tip & pulls off "tastes real good, just like I thought" & sucking F off while looking at him with glassy innocent eyes, & keeps his face innocent & childish even when F starts fucking his mouth even though he's used to smirking & F starts to moan more so G pulls of & is like "I want your milkies, Daddy" & starts sucking again & when F cums he swallows it all & is like "you're yummy, Daddy"

o hMY GOD g all like cumslut and making yummy noises and licking his lips and f all like fUCK

imagine if all humans had like a poop cycle just like the menstrual cycle and we all pooped nonstop for like 5 days and then not again for like 23 think how different our lives would be


if you listen veeeeeery closely you can almost hear my soul leaving my body