I just discovered that my shading skill have some serious problems (maybe bc I’m new to half-realistic style ╮(╯▽╰)╭), so I decide to check the shade in black-white with various different levels to detect any possible mistake. It works pretty well, except that it’s VERY time consuming XD!

But inking and coloring in SAI gives me much pleasure than Photoshop. Geez….

Arnold & Son announces two spectacular new references as fitting additions to the HMS1 line, featuring gorgeous, silvery-white guilloché dials in two distinct patterns

Check out the story on PuristSPro: http://news.watchprosite.com/show-forumpost/fi-112/pi-6643973/ti-956793/s-/t-news-arnold-son-pr-royal-hms1-new-refs-2014/

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