hmonggie said:

Hey, I just saw your rant and I just wanted to say that I hope everything ends up okay because that sounds absolutely horrid. Also I hope your stomach feels better. ❤️

Thank you :) it’s honestly not so bad it’s just really annoying. BUT THANK YOU FOR CARING :)

A little Hmonggy girl I created a while ago.

A short story to tell you about me:I never really felt confident enough to believe that my polymer clay figurines or any of the art I created were good enough to show to others because I was scared of the WORDS from others that might pull me down when others did to me from the past. But you know what, I am not afraid anymore.  All I will say is “Thank you, goodbye.”  What they say may be true but does not necessarily mean I should change what I love to do and how I do it. 

So… .what do you think dear friends?!

Had the best day working with Athena and Ozzy on our six week challenge! I’m so excited for it to start!! @hmonggie @ozzy_alicia_bustamante2 (at La La Latch by Pentatonix )