Just submitted to the Feminist Disney Photo Challenge: This is What a Disney Princess Could Look Like

And it was bad ass! You should too! Here’s what the contest is about http://feministdisney.tumblr.com/post/14520724591/photo-challenge-this-is-what-a-disney-princess-could

So ya’ll should definitely go submit to it! I think both men and women can apply. Well maybe not, don’t take my word for that. But hey whats the trouble in trying right? Anyways GO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye. Love you, 


We Broke Up FOR REAL on sunday

Still coping and trying to figure things out.

Its weird cuz when we broke up I was truly happy, and even Monday I was mostly happy until at some point that night the dust settled. And i relapsed BAD. And now I just have this crushing sadness all around me and I don’t really know what to do.

Go to class I guess. Try to make it through I guess. 

dammit I really loved that boy and he could just do it for me. But I guess thats being selfish.

Can we say mellodramatic?

I sometimes feel like I over exaggerate and that what I am feeling and going through is stupid and ridiculous and I just need to shut the hell up with all this complaining. Like right now I am saying “shut the hell up you drunk bumbling idiot and go to sleep” to myself.

But then I remember that this is real. My feelings are real. My emotions are real. What I am dealing with is real. Just b/c what I am going through may not seem like a big deal to you doesn’t make it any less valid.

And with that I need to go to sleep for real. I have to work in the morning. Why do I go out and drink when I know I have to get up the next day?