People Who Are Easily Embarrassed Tend To Be More Trustworthy, Loyal, Honest, And Generous


Have you ever tripped in front of a group of people you were trying to impress? Or maybe you said something which no one else got so they laughed at you for it? Afterwards I bet you felt really embarrassed. You got to feel that horrid feeling of blood rushing to your cheeks or past your ears, and basically you just wanted to be anywhere else in that moment than in front of watching eyes (including looking furiously at the ground and wondering why it wasn’t opening up and swallowing you whole). Well despite the horrible feeling and the sometimes mean laughter, there may be more benefits to being embarrassed.

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Union Creative has posted full pics of their upcoming Hayato Shinkai PVC figure (mensHdge TMS LIMITED series No.2 弱虫ペダル 新開隼人). The figure will be available for preorders starting September 19; the bottom right pic shows an alternate version which will be exclusive to TMS Entertainment.

are you an unabashed spn fan? super excited about season 10? sick of seeing negative posts clogging up your dashboard? then this might just be the network for you! ;D

how to enter
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what I'm looking for
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  • hate-free blogs. that means no hate whatsoever for ships, characters, actors, actresses and their families
  • positive blogs! the occasional negative post is okay, spn will never be perfect, but we’ll be keeping the network 100% wank-free
  • original content is a bonus, but not required
  • it doesn’t matter what you ship, who’s your favourite character, how many followers you have or what your blog looks like!
  • most importantly, I’m looking for friendly people who are excited about spn!
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This one is for all the warrior cat fans out there! You’re all lovely people and I hope this ‘fandom’ stays alive forever! We’re full of great artists, animaters, and writers. I appreciate the time you take to fill this out and hope you enjoy!


1. Favorite Leader?:

2. Favorite Medicine Cat?:

3. Favorite Warrior?:

4. Favorite Apprentice?:

5. Favorite Kittypet/Rouge?:

6. Favorite Clan?:

_____ or _____ (bold)

7. Leafpool or Squirrelflight?

8. Ashfur or Brambleclaw?

9. Whitestorm or Lionheart?

10. Tigerclaw or Scourge?

11. Silverstream or Millie?

12. Ivypool or Dovewing?

13. Fireheart or Greystripe?

14. Cinderpelt or Cinderheart?

15. Cloudtail or Berrynose?

16. Ravenpaw or Barely?

14. Brightheart or Daisy?

About You

15. Your warrior cat name :

16. Your rank :

17. Your clan :

18. Your gender :

19. Small or tall?

20. Strong or slender?

21. Long fur or short fur?


 22. Which series was your favorite?:

23. Favorite pairing?:

24. Name three crack ships you like!:

25. Favorite book in the series?:

26. What got you into warriors?:

27. What age was your ‘warrior phase’?:

28. Do you own a cat?:

29. Most touching death?:

30. Funniest moment?:

31. Least favorite character?:

32. Last, why doesn’t Firestar like waffles?:


Gentlemen Broncos is a panned 2009 film with one redeeming element: a opening credits scene that used retro sci-fi art for book covers with titles that credited the cast and crew. Here are the covers and artists, along with the scene itself. The Sam Rockwell look-alike is particularly impressive.

The director/writers discuss the process here, and it’s fascinating.

moriartysshades said:

you are seriously such a wonderful person and a huge inspiration, i'm not feeling down now but i was just wandering what some of your favourite classical pieces are/ones you would recommend? (if you're too busy then it's totally fine, just curious!!) uwu

sure darling :) 

For you depressed/sad people out there! Listen to this and it will get better, it helps me so so so much! Seriously!

I can only give you the links to a few pieces, simply because a lot of youtube videos are banned in germany and I am not sure if these links work. Also, for operas and requiems/preludes there are not always playlists, etc…

Always search for a better interpret! I´ve got most of those on CD but I´ve heard some terrible interpretations already which almost ruined the whole opera/piece so don´t rely on those I found a link for :) And believe me, you hear the difference between a good singer and a terrible one, even if it´s less obvious in the classical genre.

Pieces I adore (in no particular order, I love them all :D):

  • Mozart´s Requiem (perfect in and out, there is no better Requiem than this one)
  • Orpheo y Eurdice, Opera by Gluck (there are 2 versions, one in italian, one in french but in the end you don´t necessarily have to understand everything they say right? :D)
  • Violin Sonata No. 1 by Bach (yes, the one Sherlock plays when Moriarty comes to visit him in TRF, but in the episode you can only hear 30 seconds of it, 8 minutes are just as beautiful :))
  • Don Giovanni, Opera by Mozart (this opera is one of the best ever, if not the best!)
  • Preludes by Chopin (especially the raindrop prelude is perfect, you will recognize it when you hear it, I am sure)
  • St. Matthews Passion by Bach (usually I am not a big fan of religious music but oh gosh! I tell you, I listened to this everyday in the winter, it´s amazing, especially “Mache dich mein Herze rein” and overture and ending and basically everything, it´s epic!)
  • Badinerie by Bach (you can´t be sad when you listen to this, you can´t be! It´s impossible! This piece is really short but rather famous, and it always improves your mood, I can guarantee it)
  • Lohengrin Overture by Wagner (for the Chaplin fans: this is the beautiful music Chaplin used in his globe scene from the Great Dictator. It´s amazing, I am not usually a big fan of Wagner, not at all tbh, but this! this is beyond beautiful)

There are a few more and I might update this list sometime soon :) 

Seriously, if you think classical music is boring and shitty then maybe make up your mind, some are truly beautiful. Of course it´s not everbody´s cup of tea but a lot of those will be quite familiar for you and you can´t deny the beauty some of those works have. It´s incredible.

When sad: this!


Apparently three of you wanna see the rest of my face?
Idk, I feel like I posted this once before?
I now feel very weirded out that I’ve posted this many pictures of myself in one day. I promise not to post anymore selfies for a long time so you won’t have to see my face when you’re scrolling through your dash. Heh I’ll delete this later too…