A: H-hi Phoebe, I’m Arik.

P: It’s lovely to meet you Arik. 

A: I heard you really love the outdoors, my favorite season is summer—I mean, I really like warm weather, so maybe we’ll spend a lot of time outside if we get together?

P: -smiles- Yeah, we will Arik.

O amor é uma coisa pela qual sempre esperamos, imaginamos o primeiro beijo, o primeiro sexo, o primeiro eu te amo, mas nunca imaginamos a primeira separação.
—  The Carrie Diaries.

O: Finally! I get to meet you! Hello Phoebe, I am Oscar Lockhart. 

P: Pleased to meet you Mr. Lockhart!

O: Oh-oh hey, want to hear a joke? So, so, a cab driver walks into a bar—no wait, was it a cat driver? Wait a cat driver doesn’t make much sense..