What I assume happened on Harry and Nadine's shopping date...
  • Harry:Um...
  • Nadine:What? Are we supposed to hold hands or something?
  • Harry:No... I mean yeah probably, but that's not...
  • Nadine:Then what is it?
  • Harry:Your coat is very purple and very fluffy....... I love fluffy things.
  • Nadine:Do you want to wear it?
  • Harry:Omg yes <3!
  • Nadine:Aww, it looks good on you.
  • Harry:Yes c: It is so fluffy. Did you know Louis hair is fluffy?
  • Nadine:Yes, you told me.

wieso warten wir stundenlang auf nachrichten die wir nie kriegen werden.

wieso verlieben wir uns in leute, die uns aber niemals lieben werden

wieso wollen wir alle anderen zeigen wie glücklich wir sind,obwohl wir es nicht sind.

wieso wollen wir perfekt sein, wenn dieses ziel unerreichbar ist.

und wieso machen unsere eigenen Gedanken uns so kaputt mit der frage wieso.

'First Christmas Without You'- How Long Will I Love You: `12 Days Of Christmas Special #6



twelve days of christmas: maybe they’re still broken up and he calls her just to say merry christmas and all? 

Will you please please do the calling to say Merry Christmas while they’re broken up for the 12 days of XMas or at least as a TFLN please? Love you! 


First Christmas Without You- HLWILY 12 Days Of Christmas Special #6

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He was about to put on his coat and grab his keys when he spotted it in the hall closet by the front door. Tucked up high on a shelf, he saw the glimmer of the silver ribbon tied around the small box into a floppy bow at the center.

It was the one year he’d regretted getting his Christmas shopping done early. He hadn’t really intended to, but he’d spotted this gift on his annual trip to New York, and couldn’t pass it up. It fit you too well not to buy it right then. Of course, now it was what had once been.  

Three months.

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A Picture Captures Planets Waiting to Be Born

By Dennis Overbye

We might be stardust, Joni Mitchell sang of Woodstock in 1969, echoing what was already a half-century of hard-headed astronomical truth. But astronomers have struggled to understand just exactly how stardust goes from being cosmic smog, littering the lanes of the galaxy, to planets and people.

Recently, however, astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, or ALMA, an international radio telescope in the high desert of Chile, obtained what might be the best picture yet of dust in the act of turning into planets.

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Haiku #116

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